Rushville Republican

January 22, 2013

Honors Concert showcased student talent

Melissa Conrad
Rushville Republican

RUSHVILLE — The Rush County Music Festival Honors Concert featured some of the best and brightest local student musicians Sunday at the Laughlin Center for the Performing Arts.

Opening the show was Payton Brower of Benjamin Rush Middle School (BRMS) performing a trumpet solo with “Spica” by Vander Cook, accompanied by Rebecca Stone.

Demonstrating the talent for not only playing, but also composing, Frank Sammons and Michael Van Schoyck of Rushville Consolidated High School (RCHS) performed a percussion duet, “Just Wing It,” written by student Michael VanSchoyck.

Jen Lattner of RCHS sang, “Into the Night” by Clara Edwards and was accompanied by Teresa Fagan.

Shannon Dougherty, a student from Arlington Elementary, performed a clarinet solo, “To a Wild Rose,” by Edward MacDowell and accompanied by her mother, Cindy Dougherty.

Katie Barnes, Ashley Mohr and Logan Thompson, all from BRMS, performed a beautiful rendition of “Amazing Grace” in a flute trio arranged by Jim Engebretson.

Bailey Russell, from RCHS, performed a vocal solo, “Homeward Bound” by Marta Koen, accompanied by Teresa Fagan.

Jacob Kirchoff, of BRMS, delivered the patriotic alto saxophone solo, “America the Beautiful,” by Samuel Ward.

Sam Harrison and Sarah Street, RCHS, performed a flute duet, “Duos selected from the works of Devienne” by Francois Devienne.

Hanna McGee and Alexis Thompson, both from BRMS, performed a vocal duet, “The Nutcracker in about Three Minutes” by Tchaikovsky, arranged by Mark Weston, and accompanied by Rebecca Stone.

Leah Kemple from Arlington Elementary qualified with two pieces in the Honors Concert. Her first was the piano solo, “Swan Lake” by Tchaikowsky and arranged by Wesley Schaum. Her second performances was a clarinet solo, “Pat-A-Pan,” a French folk song.

Hayley Schwier, of RCHS, performed a lively flute solo, “The Entertainer” by Scott Joplin and arranged by Bruce.

Kaylan Bunch, of RCHS, sang the solo, “Evensong” by Liza Lehmann and accompanied by Teresa Fagan.

Michael Kontos, Katine Boyd and Hayley Wesling, of BRMS, mixed music and melody in the mixed trio, “Country Cake Walk.”

McKenzie Conrad, of RCHS, sang the vocal solo, “O del mio dolce ardor,” by Christoph von Gluck and accompanied by Teresa Fagan.

Monica Dougherty was accompanied in her flute solo, “Canzona” by Ferdinando Bertonia and arranged by Hass, by her mother, Cindy Dougherty.

Gabriella Brinson and Corey Johnson, of BRMS, gave a flute and clarinet duet, “The Victors” by Elbel and accompanied by Rebecca Stone.

Chloe Bretzlaff, of BRMS, performed the clarinet solo, “March from Peasant Cantata,” by Bach and accompanied by Rebecca Stone.

Ike Sheehan, of BRMS, ended the concert with the drum set solo of, “Best Bet,” by Thomas A. Brown.

Performers nominated for the Honors Concert who could not attended included Wade Griffin, Fran Percell, Kaelee Garriot, Kristina Spaeth, Brandi Spaeth, Keira Banks and Karen Banks.

The Honors Concert is the culmination of the 19th Rush County Music Festival, a vocal, piano, and instrumental competition, and involved soloists and ensembles in grades six through 12 from Arlington, BRMS, and RCHS.

Psi Iota Xi sorority, Iota Chapter has sponsored the event since its inception, providing assistance with running the festival and providing judges with a luncheon.

Judges included Lori Dickerson and Les Miller of Fayette County, Myra Crosby of Shelby County, and Heather Campbell and Lindsay Berndt of Rush County Schools. Rush County Schools music staff volunteered their time to assist students in their endeavors: Rebecca Stone, Lindsay Berndt, Eric Burgeson, Heather Campbell, TR Campbell, Jeff Dorrel and Paul Grizzard.

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