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October 8, 2013

RCVA/Phoenix house continues to assist

Rushville Republican

---- — Rush County Victims Assistance, Inc. works to offer a safe crisis shelter and support services to victims of domestic violence and abuse; and to educate the Rush County community regarding domestic violence and its prevention.

RCVA/Phoenix House operates with the grant funding from Indiana Criminal Justice Institute and the Rush County United Fund. Certainly also included is the generosity of local donations from individuals in our Rush County communities, churches, and sororities. From these funds RCVA/Phoenix House is able to provide victims of domestic violence numerous services including crisis counseling, personal advocacy, assistance with paperwork regarding protective orders, emergency financial assistance, transportation, and referrals regarding all aspects of protecting a victim and the family involved in domestic violence.

RCVA/Phoenix House has assisted clients to escape from elder abuse. This type of victimization has become more prevalent to RCVA in our rural setting recently. RCVA provided services to two females and one male all over the age of 85. Our services included crisis counseling, volunteer staffing, transportation, and acquiring local nursing home facility assistance. The elder abuse was not only physical, mental and verbal to these vulnerable people by the relatives living with them, but also they were victimized by the same relatives financially. RCVA was notified by local neighbors and law enforcement of issues and problems regarding the abuse and after speaking with the victims we were able to contact reliable family members out of the county of each victim and arrange for placements where each person would be cared for and not abused or neglected. Through the funding from local grants and ICJI grants RCVA/Phoenix House has accomplished the goal of a safe and secure environment for these vulnerable victims in our community.

RCVA/Phoenix House is fortunate to continue to have a qualified staff of volunteers. Our volunteer coordinator provides each volunteer applicant with all necessary information and documents needed to assist in the activities and services we have in place to serve clients while at Phoenix House in addition to the daily upkeep of the facility. We provide community outreach and awareness programs to our rural community through various agencies, sororities, the School Corporation, and church groups.

RCVA/Phoenix House is the only domestic violence assistance program in Rush County. Clients who reside outside of the city limits may find themselves isolated without the advantages of transportation or community bonding, but RCVA/Phoenix House addresses those issues with services to all victims and families of domestic violence. RCVA/Phoenix House faces challenges daily because of the lack of additional services we do not have in the county that are available in large cities. The financial support system from generous individuals in the county and agencies continue to provide RCVA/Phoenix House with the support needed to accomplish our mission statement and daily goals of providing a safe and secure environment in a crisis situation at Phoenix House.

RCVA continues to educate and provide information to our rural community with our newsletter and our brochure describing all services available. Phoenix House is available to victims and their families through our 24/7 advocate contact (765-561-3419) when there is a crisis situation and the need for safe and secure housing.

We welcome questions/concerns regarding RCVA/Phoenix House anytime.

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