Rushville Republican

March 26, 2013

Winter storm leads to numerous accidents

Frank Denzler
Rushville Republican

RUSHVILLE — Sunday’s winter storm that deposited multiple inches of snow on the county was responsible for a number of accidents.

Jerry Hobbs found Fort Wayne Road difficult to navigate shortly before 2:30 p.m. Monday when his 2005 Ford F150 pickup truck slid off the road and struck a tree in the 2400 block of the rural road.

Although uninjured, Hobb’s vehicle was not so fortunate as the collision caused extensive damage to the driver’s side bed of the truck.

A two-vehicle accident resulted in a van rolling Sunday afternoon on SR 44 near CR 450.

Again, there were no serious injuries reported as a result of that accident.

Motorists should keep in mind that posted speed limits are for optimum driving conditions; as road conditions deteriorate motorists should adjust their speed accordingly.

Rush County deputy sheriff Duane Raab said earlier this winter that the majority of roadway accidents could have been reduced or prevented if drivers would slow down when they need to and if they wore their seatbelts at all times.

Although a gradual warming is expected in the coming days, early morning and late night hours could lead to refreezing road surfaces, especially in low lying and tree covered areas. Additional care should be used in those areas because what may look like a wet road may be covered by a thin layer of ice.