Rushville Republican

April 11, 2014

Cashing in on Facebook groups

By Kate Thurston Rushville Republican
Rushville Republican

---- — Car parts, clothing, guns, household items and pets are just a small number of items that can be found on a Facebook group site. These groups are becoming more and more popular every day.

According to, groups are the place for small group communication and for people to share their common interests and express their opinion. Groups allow people to come together around a common cause, issue or activity to organize, express objectives, discuss issues, post photos and share related content. When you create a group, you can decide whether to make it publicly available for anyone to join, require administrator approval for members to join, or keep it private and by invitation only. One of the popular groups people make is online “yard sales.”

Some people make a substantial amount of money or get the chance for a great deal from group selling and advertising items online. Others don’t do as well as they’d hope.

Jade Tompkins, a small business owner, has made money selling purses and items that she crafts.

“I made about $300 selling my Vera Bradley purses. I have my own business making bows and tutus, but haven’t done well with them on the yard sale site. I make more money off my Facebook page than I made for my business and by word of mouth. I think I would sell more on Facebook if I took more time or maybe paid to boost my posts.”

Brandy Roush-Steinard sells Pampered Chef and other household items on Facebook.

“I have a private group on Facebook for my Pampered Chef items,” Steinard said. “I also sell on the group pages my items and some clothing and have made over $150 dollars. I also buy clothing for my girls as well. Where clothes normally would cost $10-$20 apiece, I pay anywhere from 50 cents to a dollar for the most part, sometimes a little more. I think it is beneficial selling and advertising online because more people see it.”

Claudia Banks, an online buyer, feels the sites are a hit or miss.

“I don’t do well as a seller and as a buyer it’s hit or miss,” Banks stated. “Seems people feel the need to validate the over priced items with posting what they paid for them. A used item for sale should only be 10% of original purchase price, at least that’s what they say about garage sales. Also if I think I can get items cheaper at Goodwill or a garage sale this summer, then I’m going to wait, that’s my opinion. I do love looking at all the items everyone has though.”

Tamara Beth Ridge says it’s all about who you know.

“I have put a lot of things on here and some won’t sell, but some can put the same thing and it sell quickly.”

Another buyer, Jessica Fisher agrees.

“I don’t get on the sites to sell, but as a buyer it’s a hit or miss. I’ve gotten some really great deals and references to other places to shop that I will be going to, if I haven’t been,” Fisher said. “I also have seen what Tamara said, it depends who knows who. I don’t care who I know, I’ll go for the best deal. It just has to be something I want and in good condition, etc.”

According to a few other sources, buyers and sellers of both sorts say they would rather buy online than go to a retail store for clothing or household items. A woman told the Republican that there is more of a variety online and not near as expensive. A person can find brand new items or in great condition for next to nothing.

So whether you want to sell clothing or any other imaginable item, doing it the Facebook way seems to be the way to go these days.

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