Rushville Republican

November 1, 2013

RPD receiving increased number of theft reports

By Frank Denzler Rushville Republican
Rushville Republican

---- — In recent weeks, the Rushville Police Department has received a number of theft reports with callers reporting that various items have been removed from their vehicles.

According to chief of police Craig Tucker, 20 reported thefts have been received since September and he believes many of the thefts could have been prevented had the vehicles been locked and valuable items removed or not left in plain sight.

A short list of items targeted by thieves in the recent break-ins includes money, electronics and prescription medications. According to law enforcement personnel, “Don’t tempt the tempted.” Remove the items from the vehicle or secured them out of sight and above all, lock the vehicle.

“Making yourself a hard target can go a long way in the preventions of criminal activity,” Tucker said.

The officer continued by saying that vehicles have been vandalized throughout the community and the vandals have not simply targeted one or two locations.

“I would ask for the public’s help in this investigation and I urge our citizens to be vigilant. Please, if you see something that appears out of the ordinary or suspicious, don’t hesitate to call the RPD,” Tucker said.

Fellow RPD officer Detective Randy Meek said that callers can leave anonymous messages on the RPD tip line at 765-932-6411 to report suspicious activity.

“The best approach we can take in curbing thefts is by making it more difficult for the thieves to have easy access to items by making sure your vehicle(s), homes and garages are secured,” Meek said.

As a result of the recent rash of thefts, the RPD has increased its neighborhood efforts and is utilizing covert tactic in an attempt to safeguard property and catch the individual(s) responsible for the thefts.

In non-emergent times, the RPD can be contacted at (765) 932-3907 or in the event of an emergency dial 911.

Some valuable tips for safeguarding yourself and personal belongings:

- Lock your vehicle, make sure your windows and sun roof is closed when exiting the vehicle.

- Do not hide a second set of keys in or on your vehicle (thieves know all the hiding places).

- Don’t leave valuable items in plain sight.

- Park in well-lit areas if shopping after dark.

- Never leave the engine running when the vehicle is unattended.

- If your vehicle has an alarm or other anti-theft device, use it.

- Drop a business card, address label or other information inside the door of your vehicle in the event it is reported missing this measure will identify you and where the vehicle was titled and registered.

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