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October 22, 2013

Rushville native continues to help others

By Frank Denzler Rushville Republican
Rushville Republican

---- — Rushville native Carrie Tressler made a number of decisions during her formative years that are still apart of her daily life; most importantly, the decision to help others.

Following graduation in 1988 from Rushville Consolidated High School, she embarked on a career path that led to her becoming a registered nurse.

During her high school years, she met her now husband Todd Tressler.

“I’m one of the lucky ones, I married my high school sweetheart,” Tressler said with a smile.

Tressler and her husband Todd have two sons, both currently in high school and she said that as a result of medical career locally, it has allowed her to be active part of her family’s life. An aspect of her decision to become a registered nurse, she has not taken for granted.

Through the years, the Rushville native looks back fondly on her decision to make a career in nursing. Following graduation from RCHS, she furthered her education at Ivy Tech in Richmond and graduated with her degree.

Her entry into the medical field began as a staff nurse on the medical surgery (Med Surg) floor of the hospital and was followed a few years later by a transfer to the emergency room, where, as she puts it, “she felt right at home.”

Still not done helping people in any way she could, a few years later another change was in the works to further mold the nurse she has become today; as the needs of the people and community changed, so did Tressler’s thoughts of how she could better serve those in need.

That change led Tressler to helping dialysis patients at Davita in Rushville. Little did she know at that time that her skills and desire to help make a difference in the lives of others was on the horizon and would return her to Rush Memorial Hospital.

The Rushville native currently serves as Director of Emergency Room and Med Surg Unit at Rush Memorial Hospital, a position she has held for the past 18 months.

When asked to describe the change of helping one or two individual patients at a time, to now over-seeing the care of multiple patients, Tressler said the transition was not as difficult as she or others might think.

“By growing up in the community, in one way or another, I know many of the patients and am rewarded by the looks on their faces when I run into them at a grocery store or elsewhere in town.”

She continued by saying that she has never once looked back on her decision to work in the medical field and still enjoys the daily challenges it provides.

“I have dedicated my nursing career here at Rushville to serve the people of Rushville and Rush County and to doing well for them the people I’ve spent my life with,” Tressler said.

When asked how important it is for a community the size of Rush County to continue to have a viable hometown hospital, without hesitation, Tressler was quick to say, “very important.”

According to the nurse, healthcare is a needed factor in every community and that is why she and all medical people strive to give the best care possible. She also said that much of the local hospital personnel also live locally.

“There is something special to be said about people helping people,” Tressler said.

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