Rushville Republican

October 4, 2013

Computer scams target Internet users

By Frank Denzler Rushville Republican
Rushville Republican

---- — Logging on to a computer or smartphone is as much a part of everyday life as a morning cup of coffee. Perhaps not surprisingly, two of the newest “scams” reported to local and county law enforcement agencies have targeted Internet users.

According to Rush County Sheriff’s Department Detective Richard Gosser, one of the scams involves a call from an individual posing as an employee of Microsoft. The caller informs the local Internet user that there is a virus in their computer and then proceeds to talk the individual through a process to access their computer and gain personal information.

A second scam has also been reported in recent weeks and involves what appears to be a link to a bogus F.B.I. webpage. Once an individual opens the site a virus infects their computer.

“In both of these cases, users should not allow an outside source to access their computer as it may cost a substantial amount of money to erase the virus, up to $300 in some cases,” Gosser said.

Any fraudulent or suspicious Internet activity should be reported to local or county law enforcement. The RPD can be contacted at (765) 932-3907 or the RCSD at (765) 932-2931.

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