Rushville Republican

October 4, 2013

School board deals with busy agenda

By Marianne Scott Rushville Republican
Rushville Republican

---- — The Rush County School Board met Tuesday and addressed several items of business.

Melissa Leap shared 2013 ISTEP results. This analysis was based the ISTEP test scores from last spring. These results did take into consideration the delay in testing. Approximately 1,400 scores were “thrown out” statewide. Rush County Schools had one score dismissed. Rush County Schools scored closely to the state scores and in some cases were higher.

Content specific to math and language arts will be reviewed. Findings from this review will help RCS move forward with content specific to areas needing concentrated effort.

Matt Vance reported on the registered enrollment for Rush County Schools as of Sept. 13, 2013. Total registered enrollment for 2013 is 2,460 (2,470 in 2012).

While the total number has declined by 10, RCS is seeing growth in some areas. Another count will be taken in February. It is hoped that numbers will not only hold, but begin an upward swing. Students transferring in to Rush County Schools can (and will) add to future stability and growth.

The board also discussed the corporation’s annual budget.

All budgets have been advertised twice in the Rushville Republican (Aug. 20 and 27) and a public hearing was held Sept. 3 regarding all budgets. Formal adoption of the budgets at this time means RCS is ahead of the Nov. 1 deadline for budget adoptions.

The board approved the three-year Capital Projects Plan as presented. While this is a three-year plan, the most important year is the first year of the plan. The plan is built each year and acts as a guide to the repair/replace of equipment that is known at the time of plan development and also allows for unanticipated repairs and replacements. This fund is also used to pay for technology equipment and personnel.

The board approved the “Use and Occupancy Agreement” for the pool at the Indiana State Armory Board (the fee is the same as last year, $4,000). This is the pool rental at Morton Memorial which is now run by the National Guard.

Vance presented information about the mandatory Bullying Policy revisions. These revisions are due to the new law passed by the Indiana State Legislature. This policy was approved by the board and will be shared on all Rush County School websites.

Dr. Steve Sickbert indicated that the board may need to revisit the current district lines in light of electing future school board members.

Dr. Williams shared info about how precincts will be adjusted. This information indicates we will go from 6 to 3 precincts. It was cited that old division lines do not have to be followed.

A committee comprised of Dr. Sickbert, John O. Worth and Tammy Jackman will convene to review these guidelines and make a recommendation to the board.

The meeting ended with an unexpected visit by the Indiana State Police citing Dr. Williams for a first offence of “Curfew Violation” (out past age 65). No arrests or tickets were issued at the time. However a “sentence” of singing and ice cream cake soothed the worried brow of the superintendent of schools.

The next meeting of the Rush County School Board is 7 p.m. Nov. 12 at the RCS Administration Center, 330 West Eighth Street, Rushville.