Rushville Republican

October 1, 2013

Salvation Army provides safety net for residents

Rushville Republican

---- — Three hundred seventy-three Rush County residents benefited from The Salvation Army’s Emergency Assistance program in 2012. More than $6,500 in direct financial assistance was distributed to Rush County residents who needed help meeting their basic needs.

The Emergency Assistance program is largely supported by the Rush County United Fund and helps to ensure that there is always a place within the county for people with basic and immediate human needs to seek support.

Through its Emergency Assistance Program, The Salvation Army helps residents who are unable to afford their utility bills, transportation expenses related to medical appointments and employment, groceries, clothing, housing expenses and other necessary expenses.

With the slow rebound of the economy, this type of basic needs service remains extremely important.

In addition to the Emergency Assistance program, The Salvation Army also provides several other important services within the community.

The Salvation Army assists nursing home residents during the Christmas and Easter holiday seasons through its League of Mercy program. Last year, the program served 177 seniors in the county.

The Salvation Army’s Disaster Services team is ready and willing to respond if needed in the event of a major disaster, such as a tornado or flooding, in the community.

The Salvation Army is proud to receive support from the Rush County United Fund and asks all residents to give generously to the United Fund campaign.

For more about the Service Extension program and other programs and services conducted within Indiana, visit The Salvation Army online at

— Rushville Republican