Rushville Republican

October 23, 2012

Tips for a fun and safe Halloween

Frank Denzler
Rushville Republican

RUSHVILLE — The Rushville Parks Department annual Halloween parade and costume contest will be held again this year in the livestock pavilion at the Rush County Fair grounds. Sign-ups for the costume contest will be held at 5:30 p.m. with judging starting promptly at 6 p.m., Oct. 31. According to Carla Sharp, prizes will be awarded to the top six in the categories of: scariest, ugliest, cutest/prettiest and most unusual. Again this year, the age groups for competition are: Ages one to two, three to four, five to six, seven to eight, nine to 14, and 15 to adult. All participants will receive a treat bag and a prize.

As a reminder, trick or treating in Rushville will only be held between the hours of 5 and 9 p.m. Oct. 31.

City officials want everyone to have a safe and fun Halloween and offer a number of tips to keep everyone safe. The following safety measures should be set in place long before children and families step outside the front door of their home for an evening of trick or treating.

Costumes should fit youngsters properly and provide ample sight. It is important to note that a loose-fitting mask might restrict breathing or obscure line of sight. Accessory beards and wigs should be fire and flame resistant.

Although most communities, such as Rushville, have a single day of trick or treating events, in the days leading up to Halloween, motorist should be alert to the possibility of youngsters going to or from parties.

With shorter daylight hours and more youngsters being on city streets, motorist should use extra care when driving, especially in neighborhoods near parks during designated trick-or-treat hours. Cell phone use should be held  to a minimum as excited children may dart out into traffic at any time without warning. It is equally important that motorist drive with their headlights on, as a means to be more visible.

Trick-or-treaters should use sidewalks instead of walking in a street whenever possible and look both ways before crossing at crosswalks. It is also recommended that children carry flashlights after dark in an effort for them to easily see and be seen.

Homeowners and tenants expecting trick-or-treaters should remove obstacles from their lawns, steps and porches and keep outdoor lights on. As an added safety measure to avoid slips and falls, wet leaves should be swept from sidewalks and steps. It is also recommended that pets be restrained or left in an area where they cannot jump on or bite a trick-or-treater.

Children should only visit familiar homes that have the porch light on and older children should trick-or-treat with friends and carry a cell phone for quick communication. Younger children should walk in groups with older children or be accompanied by an adult. Youngsters should be instructed to never enter a home and should remain on the porch for the resident to hand out treats.

Children should be instructed to refrain from eating any treats until after they get home and only eat candy wrapped in its original wrapper and inspect all fruit thoroughly before allowing children to eat it.

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