Rushville Republican

March 14, 2014

Former Lion basking in the warmth of Tampa

By Kate Thurston
Rushville Republican

---- — “I really loved growing up in Rushville, it is truly a great place for kids to be raised,” former resident Chris McDonald who now lives in Tampa, Fla., said. “I have a lot of fond memories of being able to go on my bike and meet up with my friends and play all day and come home when it got dark out.”

McDonald, who is now a News Photo Journalist, grew up in Rushville with his family and attended Rushville Consolidated High school.

“I graduated in 1991,” McDonald said. “I played basketball and football while I attended high school. Then after graduation, I went to Indiana State where I got my degree to be a News Photo Journalist or some people might refer to as a TV camera man. After college I lived in Richmond, Virginia, for about three years and worked for a CBS affiliated company. Then in 1998 I moved to Tampa. I originally moved there for a job opportunity, but then I fell in love with the weather,” McDonald laughed. “Now I freeze if it’s below 50!”

McDonald works for Bay News 9 in Tampa.

“I used to cover a lot of Rays, Lighting and Buccaneer games, but not so much anymore,” McDonald said. “That’s always a fun part of my job. I really like that every day is something different with my job and I am normally outside a lot.”

Rushville is quite different than Tampa claims McDonald.

“It was a total swap from Rushville to Tampa,” McDonald Laughed. “The biggest difference here is not everyone knows everyone like you do back home in Rushville. It’s faster paced down here.”

McDonald lives in Tampa with his wife Rita and their three children; Conner who is three, Cameron who is five, and a step daughter Sara who is 18.

“My wife is from Argentina so I have been trying to learn Spanish,” McDonald laughed. “Meeting her really opened my eyes about traveling. We try to travel with the kids a lot.”

McDonald’s sister and her family live in Glenwood and his brother and his family live in Muncie.

“We try to come back at least once a year. Usually in July when it is nice and warm, I can’t deal with the cold weather anymore.”

McDonald advises young people to go out and do things in life.

“Don’t be afraid to discover different people and different cultures. Don’t be afraid to travel. There is so much more out there and you need to see it,” McDonald said.

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