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March 14, 2014

RCHS performs the smash hit "Grease"

April 24-27 at the Laughlin Center for the Performing Arts

Rushville Republican

---- — The RCHS Theatre Department has announced the cast for their upcoming performances of the smash hit musical, “Grease.”

Don’t miss this rare opportunity as RCHS brings back the memories and the music to “Grease” taking the Laughlin Center Stage at 7:30 p.m. Thursday through Saturday, April 24-26 and at 2 p.m. on Sunday, April 27 for a special closing matinee. Friday’s performance is being billed as the reunion show for the 1982 and 1998 casts, and it will no doubt be one of the top performances of the 4-day run.

Grease is being performed by the RCHS Advance Theater students under the direction of Jennie Tague. Tickets are $7 each for reserved seating and on sale now. Tickets may be purchased from any cast member, by e-mailing Jennie Tague at, or by calling her at RCHS at 932-3901 ext. 258.

Tague chose to bring back “Grease” to the RCHS stage this year saying, “I felt it was time for a ‘Grease’ revival. It’s been 16 years since it was last staged by RCHS theatre students, and I wanted today’s students to experience this timeless teenage classic. We’re taking cues from the Broadway revival, however, so the musical will have a very fresh feel. Also, we’d like to extend an open invite to past cast members of the original 1982 staging and the 1998 revival staging. We hope past Greasers will join our cast for Friday’s performance and join in our finale number ‘We Go Together!’”

Tague announced the Grease cast including female roles: Sandy - McKenzie Conrad, Frenchy - Catie Liggett, Jan - Caysi Johnson, Marty - Lilli Spaeth, Rizzo - Kylee Hickmott, Patty Simcox - Makayla Herbert, Miss Lynch - Hope Noe, Cha-Cha - Jen Latner, Laverne - Jessica Miller, Gina - Lea Noe, Cathy - Emilee Rogers, Carmen - Casey Yager, Tammy - Loretta Kemp, Ginger - Sarah Hershberger, Barb - Brenna Hall, Mimi - Kayla Everhart, Margo - Megan Clifton and male roles: Danny - Zack Cramer, Kenickie - L.J. Conrad, Roger - Austin Tielking, Doody - Nate Hoeing, Sonny - Perry Boles, Eugene - Logan Mahan, Vince - Bryce Conrad, Johnny - Jake Fowler, Teen Angel - Jordan Fritz , Putzie - Tanner Leisure.

Slick back your hair, dig out your leather jacket and jeans and join in the high school celebration of Grease. Come and hear songs that have kept audiences dancing for decades.

While the school version of the musical, “Grease” is tamed down a bit for all audiences, it offers the songs and stories you love and is an activity perfect for the whole family to come out and enjoy.

Act 1 begins in 1959 and Rydell High School’s students are starting a new year (Grease is the Word.) Sandy Dumbrowski, the new girl at school and Danny Zuko, the leader of the ‘Burger Palace Boys’, had a brief romantic fling over the summer. Sandy recounts her version of the fling to the ‘Pink Ladies’ (Jan, Marty, Frenchy, and Betty Rizzo), while Danny tells the Boys (Roger, Doody, Sonny, and Kenickie) his rendition (”Summer Nights”). Sandy and Danny soon bump into each other at school, and while Sandy is happy to see him, he plays it cool. Meanwhile, the kids gather in the hall as Laverne shows off her new guitar, and she gives an impromptu concert in the hall (”Those Magic Changes”).

At Marty’s pajama party, the girls give each other pierced ears, and talk about boys. Marty tells about her long-distance courtship with Freddy (”Freddy, My Love”). Meanwhile, the Burger Palace Boys are busy stealing hubcaps and teasing Kenickie about his new (used) car (”Greased Lightning”).

Danny sees Sandy again and tries to apologize for his behavior. Head cheerleader Patty Simcox interrupts to prompt Sandy to join the squad and to tease Danny about his latest indiscretions (”Rydell Fight Song”). The kids take their newfangled portable radios for a rock and roll picnic in the park and plan how they will pair off at the upcoming school prom, while Roger shares his love for Jan and his favorite hobby (”Mooning”). Rizzo teases Danny for falling for a girl who resembles the excessively proper teenage ingénue, Sandra Dee (”Look at Me, I’m Sandra Dee”). Sandy realizes that Danny is putting her off to be cool and wishes she had never met him (Hopelessly Devoted).

Act II

At the High School Hop, everyone is dancing, except Sandy (”Rock ‘N’ Roll is Here to Stay”). She is home feeling sorry for herself (”It’s Raining on Prom Night”). Meanwhile, favorite radio DJ Vince Fontaine, is warming the kids up for the hand-jive dance contest. Kenickie dumps his blind date, Cha-Cha DiGregorio, and pairs up with Rizzo. Danny and Cha-Cha then proceed to win the dance contest (”Born to Hand Jive”).

A few days later at the Burger Palace after school, a couple of the guys run into Frenchy, who flunked out of Rydell and has now dropped out of beauty school (”Beauty School Dropout”). Danny, who has taken up track in order to win back Sandy’s affections, does not know that Cha-Cha’s boyfriend’s gang has challenged the guys to a rumble. He is more concerned about patching things up with Sandy at the Twi-Light Drive-In, but he moves too fast for her, and she leaves (”Sandy”). A couple of days later, the “greasers” are having a party in Jan’s basement, as Doody and Roger sing “Rock ‘n’ Roll Party Queen.” Sandy wonders what she needs to do to fit in at Rydell (”Look at Me, I’m Sandra Dee Reprise”).

The next time Sandy meets up with the Burger Palace Boys and the Pink Ladies, she has transformed herself into a greaser’s dream date (”You’re the One that I Want”). Rizzo and Kenickie reunite. All ends happily (”We Go Together”).

Tickets will sell like Greased Lightning so don’t miss out on the RCHS production of “Grease.” Tickets are $7 each with reserved seating available. Tickets may be purchased from any cast member, by e-mailing Jennie Tague at, or by calling her at RCHS at 932-3901 ext. 258.