Rushville Republican

March 11, 2014

Commissioners rescind AFVFD termination letter

By Frank Denzler Rushville Republican
Rushville Republican

---- — Nearly three months after voting to terminate the contract with Anderson Township Volunteer Fire Department to provide basic emergency ambulance service to the southern portion of the county, the trio of Mark Bacon, Bruce Levi and Ken Masters voted to rescind their previous decision.

During Monday’s meeting, AFVFD chief Nick White said the volunteer department he leads is currently in a hiring process to assist with meeting the EMS needs of the area.

“I feel we are doing pretty good. We (as a department) are getting it turned around and now, we have a paid person on station eight hours a day,” White said.

He then asked that the county leaders reconsider the decision they made in January to terminate the EMS contract with the department.

Commissioner Bacon said that he has attended a couple of meetings with the volunteers and has seen improvements first hand in recent months.

“I’m satisfied they are working on it,” Bacon said.

A dual dispatch with both ATVFD and RMH Ambulance is currently utilized in the event of an emergency medical call is received at the county dispatch center for the Milroy area. That has been in place since the summer of 2013.

During the month of February, the volunteers responded to 11 medical calls and, according to White, only missed one call. He continued by saying that on a separate occasion, due to a unspecified ambulance issue, RMH Ambulance transported the patient.

“All in all, we are doing our best and have hired some new people. It still will take us some time, but we are working at it,” White said.

Following a brief discussion on the matter, the commissioners acted on a motion by Bacon to rescind the termination letter.

Commissioner Levi said the community of Milroy and the surrounding area, should thank White and Becky Puckett for their continued efforts to retain the EMS portion of the volunteer department.

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