Rushville Republican

March 7, 2014

INFBPW holds district meeting

Rushville Republican

---- — INFBPW (Indiana Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Clubs, Inc) District 2 held their Spring District Meeting on March 1 at Occasions in Shelbyville.

Barbara Mofield, INFBPW/District 2 Director presided at the meeting. Barbara Mofield gave the welcome and a delicious meal was served by Occasions.

Thirty-five members from Connersville, Fortville, Knightstown, New Albany, New Castle, Shelbyville, Winchester and Sue Willis, PSP from INFBPW/Indianapolis attended.

Attending from INFBPW/Knightstown were Barbara Mofield, District 2 Director, INFBPW Executive Director, Tina Williams, INFBPW/Knightstown President, INFBPW Publicity Chair, Penny Sitler, INFBPW/Knightstown Vice President, INFBPW HBW Editor and Jackie Woolard, PSP, INFBPW/District 2 Treasurer, INFBPW/Knightstown Treasurer.

Attending from INFBPW/New Castle were Twilla Deaton, PSP, INFBPW/District 2 Secretary, INFBPW/New Castle President, INFBPW Leadership Development Co-Chair, Brooke Adkins, Vicki Reece and from INFBPW/Connersville were Rita Emsweller, Roberta Garriott, Jean Risch and Mary Richardson, INFBPW/Connersville President.

Indiana Women's Education Foundation, Inc (IWEF) 8th Grade Essay Contest Winner for District 2 was Brittany Stewart from Mt Vernon eighth grade Academy, who read her essay on "Whose Footsteps Would I Like To Follow and Why?" Brittany, her parents, her sister, brother and grandmother attended the meeting.

Brittany received a certificate and $25 cash award. She will be invited to INFBPW State Convention for the IWEF Luncheon on Saturday, April 26, 2014 at the Holiday Inn in Ft Wayne.

Jackie Woolard, PSP, IWEF (Indiana Women’s Education Foundation, Inc.) Director of The Reality Store® and District 2 Chair gave update on The Reality Stores® coming up this spring at various schools. In 2013-14, 24 schools and 4,832 students will be participating in The Reality Stores® in District 2. Members were given information about INFBPW State Convention. A fundraiser will be held for Ann Windell, 2014-15 INFBPW/President Elect by INFBPW/District 2.

The deadline for the Youth of Achievement Award nomination forms to be sent to the INFBPW State Office is March 15, 2014. The award is presented to a student in grades 9-12, nomination is based on their volunteer/community involvement in each district in Indiana. The award is for a student who truly is making a difference in the community, it is not an academic or athletic award.

Nominating Committee Members Carole Stevens and Bonnie Mayfield presented the slate of officers for INFBPW/District 2 for 2014-2015.

New officers will be:

District 2 Director: E Ann Myers, Shelbyville

District 2 Assistant District Director: Tina Williams, Knightstown

District 2 Treasurer: Jackie Woolard, PSP, Knightstown

District 2 Secretary: Rita Emsweller, Connersville

District 2 Member State Nominating Committee: Carole Stevens, Fortville

District 2 Alternate State Nominating Committee: Claudia Thornburg, Winchester

We sang Happy Birthday to Roberta Garriott for her 92nd birthday on Feb. 28.

Jean Risch was honored for attending all but one Spring District Meetings since 1979.

Joyce Nessel, INFBPW President, was the State Representative for Pat Barker, INFBPW/President Elect for the meeting. Pat's speech encouraged members to become more involved and told about the past year. Joyce installed the new officers for District 2.

Joyce Nessel presented the Memorial Service for 2013-14 deceased members, Maxine Hamm, Knightstown and Kathleen Coulston, Shelbyville.

INFBPW State Convention will be April 25-27 at Holiday Inn in Ft Wayne.

The meeting closed with the Emblem Benediction.