Rushville Republican

December 4, 2012

Local home draws paranormal investigators

Melissa Conrad
Rushville Republican

RUSHVILLE — The house on the northwest corner of Sixth and Perkins streets in Rushville was the stage for a ghostly photo opportunity this weekend.

Investigating American Haunts, a paranormal research group, will have a new television show involving ghostly investigations in the spring. The house at Sixth and Perkins provided the backdrop for early footage that will be used in the new series.

The Rushville house, it seems, bears a striking resemblance to the house pictured on the group’s logos. Whether or not they found any ghostly activity during the photo shoot hasn’t been revealed.

Investigating American Haunts is a paranormal investigations show based in Indianapolis. Launching in 2012, they are taking a new approach to the investigation process. Their investigative team has come together from different personal experiences in the search for answers to the unexplained.

The two lead investigators are former law enforcement officers and that experience, knowledge and training is applied to paranormal investigations. They share a passion for investigating the paranormal using technology.

According to their website,, what sets “I Am Haunts” apart is they are here to work with and promote paranormal investigation teams from all over the United States. They want to work with local groups to promote the overall paranormal community and its investigators.

For each investigation, they partner with a local group and do a joint investigation of that group’s favorite haunted locations. Using technology and proven methods of paranormal investigation, along with personal experiences, the group believes research conducted by their research team can lead to a more complete picture of any possible paranormal activity, thereby providing future viewers of the television show with the best possible evidence available.

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