Rushville Republican

February 13, 2013

Fair updates, planning underway

Rushville Republican

RUSHVILLE — There will be a new look at the 2013 Rush County Fair, according to Will Schakel of the Rush County Extension Office.

During the 2012 fair, the Fair Board borrowed some metal pens from Decatur County to be used in the livestock barns for pigs, sheep and goats. They worked so well that an effort was put forth to secure funding for Rush County to purchase pens for the fairgrounds.

A campaign was started in late December asking for donations to be sent to the Extension Office earmarked for metal pens for the Ag Association.

John Meyer, a member of the Rush County Agricultural Association, recently said, “We have enough funding to put pens in the south barn for the 2013 fair. Hopefully, additional donations will come in so new pens can also be put in the north barn.”

Wooden herders that are about 50 years old are currently being used to make pens and many of these are in need of repair. Metal pens would be a welcome addition to the fair.

Questions concerning the pens and/or donations may be directed to Schakel, Charlie Smith, Meyer or Jeff Amos.

The 2013 Rush County Fair is scheduled for June 22 to 29 and will start on Saturday and end on Saturday.

A wide variety of events is being put together for the track area and 4-H members are hard at work with their many different projects.

Officers for the 2013 fair are Dan Helfer, president; Steve Schwering, vice president; Chris Jones, secretary; and Ron Westerfeld, treasurer.

The Rush County Extension Office can always be contacted for information concerning the fair, 4-H or donations for the pens.