Rushville Republican

January 15, 2013

Music festival carries on tradition

Melissa Conrad
Rushville Republican

RUSHVILLE — The hallways of Benjamin Rush Middle School filled once again with overlapping melodies, rhythm and song Saturday as students participated in the 2013 Rush County Music Festival.

There were more than 100 entries performing before judges Saturday throughout the morning and early afternoon in solo and ensemble groups. Rush County’s long tradition of a focus on music continued as students performed to demonstrate the proficiency they have achieved on their instruments and in choir.

There will be an Honors Recital featuring the best performances of the competition at 2 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 20, in the RCHS Laughlin Center. Admission is free and the public is invited to attend.

The nineteenth Rush County Music Festival is a vocal, piano, and instrumental competition and involved soloists and ensembles in grades six through 12 from Arlington, BRMS, and RCHS. Psi Iota Xi sorority, Iota Chapter has sponsored the event since its inception, providing assistance with running the festival and providing judges with a luncheon.

Judges included Lori Dickerson and Les Miller of Fayette County, Myra Crosby of Shelby County, and Heather Campbell and Lindsay Berndt of Rush County Schools. Rush County Schools music staff volunteered their time to assist students in their endeavors – Rebecca Stone, Lindsay Berndt, Eric Burgeson, Heather Campbell, TR Campbell, Jeff Dorrel and Paul Grizzard.

Those receiving blue or first place ratings were: Piano solo – Arlington Jocelyn Geise, Marissa Sullivan and Leah Kemple; Flute solo – Arlington Kaitlyn Miller and Jenna Geise; RCHS Brenna Hall, Brooklyn Herbert, Jackie Bell, Hayley Schwier, and Monica Dougherty, BRMS – Katie Barnes; Oboe solo – RCHS Courtney Hall and Drew Asbury, BRMS Grace Miller; Bb Clarinet solo – Arlington Leah Kemple and Shannon Dougherty; BRMS Chloe Bretzlaff, Caitlynn Evener, Ashley Shaffer; Bass Clarinet solo – BRMS Bradley Christmas; Alto Saxophone solo – Arlington Jocelyn Geise; BRMS Vanessa Fields, Jacob Kirchoff, Jared Smith and Rebecca McDonald; RCHS L.J. Conrad and Christian Gosser; Flute duet – BRMS Sam Harrison & Sarah Street; Bb Clarinet duet – BRMS Fran Percell & Kaelee Garriott; Alto Saxophone duet – RCHS Kristina Spaeth & Brandi Spaeth; Flute & Clarinet duet: BRMS Gabriella Brinson & Corey Johnson, Emily McMinn & Morgan Meyer; Flute trio – RCHS Katie Barnes, Ashley Mohr & Logan Thompson; Flute-Clarinet quartet: BRMS Gabriella Brinson, Corey Johnson, Summer Bowling & Victoria Whittaker; Clarinet quintet: RCHS Kate Rader, Savanna Basham, Shelbie Brown, Morgan Hatten & Lindsey Ribble; Trumpet solo – BRMS Michael Kontos, Payton Brower, Kirah Banks; French Horn solo – BRMS Karyn Banks; Baritone solo – RCHS Clint Thomas; Trombone trio – Jacob Richardson, Alex Mays & Brevin Runnebohm; Brass trio – BRMS Michael Kontos, Katine Boyd & Hayley Wesling; Brass & Woodwind trio – BRMS Chris Holland, Will Thoman & Jacob Kirchoff; Will Thoman, Trent Herbert & Brett Leisure; Snare drum solo – RCHS Allen Best and Bailey Russell; BRMS Alisha Markley and Ike Sheehan; Toms solo – RCHS Liz Field; Percussion duet – RCHS Michael VanSchoyck & Frank Sammons; Brass, String & Percussion quartet – RCHS Kera Fenimore, Spencer Brown, Devyn Case & Joey Tucker; Vocal solo – BRMS Abigail Gates, Karyn Banks, Randy Collyer, Corie Lutz, Mackenzie Bonta, and Haylee May; RCHS Bailey Russell, Holly May, Kayla Bunch, Jen Lattner, McKenzie Conrad, Meghan Barnes, Kayla Everhart, and Wade Griffin; Vocal duet – BRMS Hannah McGee & Alezis Thompson; RCHS Lindsey Ribble & Allen Best; Vocal trio – BRMS Abibail Gates, Bailee Colestock & Abbi Smith

Those receiving red or second place ratings were: Flute solo – RCHS Tiffany Murphy; Bb Clarinet solo – BRMS Ashley Shaffer; RCHS Morgan Hatten; Alto Saxophone solo – RCHS Alice Basham; Bb Clarinet duet – BRMS Ashley Shaffer & Kaelee Garriott; Clarinet & Saxophone duet – BRMS MorganKnecht & Gracey Owens; Trumpet solo – RCHS Desiree Evener, BRMS Nate Moran, Brianna Saxon; Trombone solo – BRMS Austin McDaniel, Logan Wulitich; Trumpet duet – BRMS Jenna Dodd & Brianna Saxon; RCHS Kristen Clines & Amy Neuman; Trumpet trio – RCHS Andrew Christmas, Robert Lopat & Robbie Walke; Brass sextet – RCHS Laura Smith, Spencer Brown, Nick Comer, Shawn Delay, Brevin Runnebohm & Ross Wyatt; Vocal solo – RCHS Jacqueline Stevens and Sami Linville; BRMS Kayla Aldridge, Desstani Stearns; Vocal duet – BRMS Kayla Aldridge & Desstani Stearns, Randy Collyer & Devon Rolfe; RCHS Kayla Bunch & Jen Lattner Vocal & Alto Saxophone trio – BRMS Kayla Aldridge, Mekyna Hall & Desstani Stearns

Participation award was: Flute solo – RCHS Delaney Isaacs.

For decades, Rush County’s love for music has been nurtured by strong school programs designed to teach proficiency early in life. Rush County’s long-standing appreciation for music is also seen in the ever-popular performances of the Rush County Chorale and the Rush County Big Band, among others. Many of these adults were children who benefited from Rush County School’s long history of award winning music programs.

Students performed, learned and listened as judges offered constructive criticism to help them grow as musicians and performers Saturday. Smiles, teary eyes and butterflies in stomachs could all be found as student’s put their talents to the test.