Rushville Republican

January 3, 2014

DWS becoming a increasing problem

By Frank Denzler Rushville Republican
Rushville Republican

---- — During the past 48 hours, local and county law enforcement officers have made multiple arrests of drivers operating a motor vehicle after having their drivers’ license suspended.

Once a driver is found to be driving with a suspended license, their troubles begin, troubles that include but are not limited to financial obligations. The motorist is not only cited and must appear in court, they are not allowed to drive their vehicle home.

According to officers, an all too frequent trend is also found with motorist stopped for DWS, often a BMV check finds that the individuals have multiple driving while suspended infractions on their record.

Reasons a motorists driving privileges can be suspended are varied and can include: multiple driving infractions, failing to pay court imposed fines, failure to provide the court with proof of financial responsibility for a licensed vehicle and failure to appear in court to name a few.

Once driving privileges are suspended, correcting the problem is however not as easy as visiting a court and taking care of an outstanding fine.

The reinstatement process requires the infracting driver to not only take care of the financial obligation but also to make a trip to a BMV reinstatement center. The closest such facilities are located in Indianapolis and Richmond.

Some motorist however fails to comply and simply continue to drive. If stopped after driving privileges are suspended, the unlicensed motorist will find additional penalties, both monetary and otherwise. The driver will be arrested and again ordered to appear in court, at which time, additional fines may be levied and additional time may be added to the suspended license before it can be reinstated.

A visit to the Rush County Clerk’s office found that there is frequently a grace period of possibly up to two weeks from when the BMV may be notified and a suspension order is issued by the court.

Though drivers should however not count on a grace period.

If you are unsure if your driving privileges are suspended, a call or visit to the RPD or RCSD can frequently answer that question. The RPD can be contacted at (765) 932-3907 or the RCSD at (765) 932-2931.

Contact: Frank Denzler @ 765.932.2222 x106.