Rushville Republican

December 31, 2013

8 for 8 starting up

By Jim Ephlin Lines from the Lanes
Rushville Republican

---- — Hello bowling fans! This is Jim Ephlin, at the Rushville Bowl, where all the action is.

The 2013-14 league bowling season has reached the halfway point allready. Most the leagues are close and gearing up for a competitive second half to see who can claim first place.

We do have a league just starting and it will be for the youth in third grade to sixth grade. Bear in mind this is not a rule just a guideline. In most cases, this is the age young bowlers are strong enough and focused to have some success on the lanes. There are certainly exceptions especially among children from bowling families. There are some young bowlers quite able at an early age and we want them to bowl with us.

The league is called 8 For 8 as it perfectly describes the event. Youth bowlers will play for just 8 weeks at only $8 per week and upon completion receive a brand new ball. It is planned for 2 p.m.Sunday afternoons and should run in about a hour and a half format. The starting date for this league will be Sunday, Jan. 12. It is a great way to introduce the fun side of bowling to these kids as well to teach them some basics of the game.

Don’t forget we have three nice flatscreen televisions compliments of Houston Services and Clean Green Rush so you can watch your children bowl and not miss any NFL playoff action.

You can sign up your youth bowler on line at Simply click on the 8 FOR 8 Flyer and fill out brief information field and you will be signed up. It has room to include other names if you would like to sign up with friends or family. Calling Rushville Bowl at 932-5389 is another easy way to sign up.

The league should be a good time for all and with the added incentive of a free bowling ball, it’s a slam dunk.

We would like to thank everyone for the positive comments on the newly opened Pro Shop at Rushville Bowl. Manned by Jim “Hud” Huddleston, there have already been quite a few success stories. Many bowlers have changed their drilling patterns with quite a bit of success. Without this service being available till now it is a problem that more then a few bowlers have out dated equipment or equipment that isn’t really suited for how they deliver the ball. If you feel like you are one of these players, I suggest you stop in and discuss it with Hud. From plugging or redrilling for anywhere to $20-$50, you couldn’t make a better investment on your bowling game.