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February 14, 2014

Rush County Schools implement extended hours

By Marianne Scott For The Rushville Republican
Rushville Republican

---- — The winter weather has resulted in nine instructional days being canceled. The State Department of Education has granted us a waiver for two of these missed days. This means we have to make up seven days. Currently, we have built into our calendar three make-up days. There is also a Teacher In-Service Day that is being utilized as a make-up day. These make-up days are Feb. 14, Feb. 17, April 18 and April 21. Rush County Schools will be in session during these days. The State Department of Education is now allowing school corporations to make-up missed time by adding additional instructional time to our current calendar school days.

Rush County Schools have used Wednesdays as an early dismissal day so teachers may have 40 minutes of staff development time. We will now use this time plus an additional 15 minutes as instruction time beginning Wednesday, Feb. 12. This means students will be dismissed 55 minutes later than their usual Wednesday dismissal time. Doing so for the next 14 Wednesdays (Feb. 12 through May 21) allows students enough time to make up the required hours for two days. This now means the students last day will be Friday, May 23 and teachers last day will be Tuesday, May 27.

Please Note:

• Students will attend school on Feb. 14, Feb.17, April 18 and April 21.

• On Wednesday’s an additional 55 minutes instructional time will be utilized.

• Again this only applies for Wednesdays Feb. 12 through May 21, 2014.

• This time adjustment means the students’ last day will now be Friday, May 23 (assuming no more missed days).

• Graduation will remain at 2 p.m. June 8.

• Keep in mind we have had two days waived which do not have to be made up.

• Next year (2014-15) the Early Release for Personal Development time will be reinstated.

In the event additional make-up days are needed, information concerning such will be shared as soon as possible. Also current information can be found on the Rush County Schools web site at:

(Marianne Scott is the Legacy Fund Director/Information Officer for Rush County Schools)