Rushville Republican

February 14, 2014

FFA talk with Dr. John Williams

By Mason Gordon
Rushville Republican

---- — Dr. John Williams is serving his eighth and final year as the Superintendent of Rush County Schools. Throughout his eight years, Dr. Williams has been a witness to many great accomplishments within the Rush County school system. This year’s theme for the Rushville FFA chapter is “Legacy of Leadership”. It is our goal, as FFA members, to leave a legacy in our community for all to enjoy. I decided to sit down with Dr. Williams to see what kind of legacy the Rushville FFA has made during his time spent as our superintendent.

When asked about his fondest memory of FFA, Dr. Williams said, “I have been so impressed with the members of our FFA chapter. They seem to be very engaged in what they are doing; FFA provides them with opportunities not only in the classroom but with their contests as well.”

Dr. Williams was also impressed with FFA members’ knowledge about Parliamentary Procedure. “Parliamentary Procedure is a skill that will last you a lifetime. I went to a big city school that did not have FFA, but we still had to learn about Parliamentary Procedure. It still helps me today when we are trying to run board meetings effectively.”

When asked to describe a typical FFA member, Dr. Williams had this to say, “An FFA member appears to me, to be very well rounded and pretty grounded in his or her thoughts. As agriculturalists they have learned that they have to have a set of values. FFA members have very strong work ethic and are always willing to pitch in.”

A critical part of the FFA motto is “Living to Serve,” and Dr. Williams sees this in Rushville FFA members. “An FFA member is willing to give up his time and talents to help others. FFA members have a better understanding of the need to help others,” Dr. Williams commented.

As we move forward this year, our goal is to leave a legacy. Dr. Williams had some advice to FFA members who are unsure about what a legacy truly is, “You have to be true to yourself. You must know your strengths and weaknesses, and never forget that we have God given talents. We should use those God given talents to our fullest because it is those kinds of things that people remember you for. You do not have to make a big splash, maybe you just help a group of older people from time to time, or when someone is down you are can be counted on to help them out.”

It has been said that leaders rally their constituents to a better future. Dr. Williams has certainly rallied the Rush County School system to a better future with his eight years of service. Many FFA programs around the country cannot reach its full potential due to the lack of support from their administration. Fortunately, the Rushville FFA receives all the support necessary to be considered as one of the top FFA programs in the state. As we celebrate National FFA Week, we would like to thank Dr. Williams for his support of the Rushville FFA Chapter throughout his tenure as superintendent.