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July 2, 2013

29th Annual Mays Alumni Banquet held May 18

Jane Hallgarth Rushville Republican
Rushville Republican

---- — The 29th Annual Mays Alumni Banquet was held Saturday, May 18, 2013 in the Mays Elementary School gym with 132 graduates, teachers and guests attending.

After a registration period and group pictures, Joe Hodson, president, presided and welcomed the group. We had a moment of silence for those who had passed since we met last.

1932 Eleanor Hancock Balsbaugh

1940 Phyllis McDaniel Hubbel

1941 Betty Mae Rees Armstrong

1947 Nina Fry Nantook

1948 Arthur Loudenback

1950 Phyllis Ertel Broadwater

1951 Ruth Ann Hallgarth McCauley

1953 Richard Rogers

1954 Charles Marvin Duke

1955 Harry Grandison

1957 Eddie Cross

1958 Lowell McCauley

1958 Ronnie Schneider

1958 Linda McMillin

1959 Dennis Dance

1960 Tom Wilkinson

1962 Emily Ketchum Stanley

1966 Arthur Poer

1966 Johnny Tompkins

Joe Hodson then offered the invocation before the meal which was served by J & D Catering. He also thanked Teresa Leisure, Julie Leisure and Brooke Leisure for helping carry food and drinks for those who needed a little extra help.

After the meal, president Joe recognized our Veterans. As the music from each branch of the armed services was played, the veterans stood. We are always amazed at how many have served our country.

Before the minutes were read, Jane Hallgarth read a poem, “The Reunion,” by Elizabeth Lucas which was very appropriate for our time in life. The minutes were approved and the treasurer’s report was printed on the back of the program.

He then began the calling the roll, first with the honor classes. The 50 year class - 1963 had a total of 5 present: Joy Hall McCauley, Joy Reddick Morgan, Mark Chance, John Hall and Joe Hodson. They had 13 who graduated and have lost 4 members, so over half their class was present. Of the ones reporting, they have 18 grandchildren and six great grandchildren. 60 year class – 1953, had 5 members present – Doris Duke, June Ging Ferguson, Roman Hood, Bob Morgan and Lowell Wilson. They have six living classmates and would have all been present but Charlene Ryan’s airplane was late getting in and she missed the event. The 70 year class of 1943, had two members present: Mary Ann Ayres Gray and Hayden King. Their one other living member, Lois Brooks Berryman from Florida was unable to attend. It was mentioned that the 80 year class has one living member, and she is our oldest living graduate – Inez Apple Wood from New Castle and she was unable to attend.

As we’re sailing along so quickly, coach Bud King reminded president Joe to go back and call the roll of the remaining classes. Then he had all the guests stand. We enjoyed comments from Shirley Hinshaw, whose husband Alan “Stud” Hinshaw was a favorite basketball referee at Mays ballgames.

The class of 1940 took the honors for having both the oldest man and woman present. The oldest lady was Doris Adams Ferguson, beating Evelyn Marhsall Ellis by a few months and the oldest man present was Marc Ellis. Teachers present were, Bud King, Marc Ellis, Evelyn Ellis, Max Gosnell and Kenneth Brashaber.

There were seven attending who have not missed an alumni, and they are: Marc Ellis, Evelyn Ellis, Joan Loudenback Gardner, Maurice Oldham, Mary Ruth Strain, Bob Hallgarth, and Jane Hallgarth. The Wager and McIntosh families each had 4 family members present. McIntosh: Gearldean, Jackie, Judy & Sylvia and Wager: John, Janet, Susie and Diana. Congratulations to both families.

Winning the box of chocolates for traveling the farthest was Roberta Hood Rebiskie coming from Alma, Kan. Sharlene Simmermon’s name was drawn for a free meal for next year. Curtis Campbell was attending for the first time. Although he did not graduate from Mays, he attended high school here in the mid 60s.

The slate of officers was presented for the coming year: President Joe Hodson, vice president Linda McDaniel Lowe, secretary/treasurer Jane Leisure Hallgarth and assistant secretary/treasurer Jerry Delay. Al Weber made a motion to accept the slate and the motion was seconded by Joan Webb. The motion carried.

The corresponding date for next year’s meeting is May 17, 2014.

Joe thanked all of the committees and mentioned that Derrith Simmermon had made the book marks that were our favors this year. The committee thanks everyone for their generous donations. We closed the meeting by having all former cheerleaders lead us in singing the school song, “On Mays High School.”

The meeting was adjourned, and the remainder of the evening was spent visiting.