Rushville Republican

August 6, 2013

Local scammed out of $14,000

By Frank Denzler Rushville Republican
Rushville Republican

---- — Personnel from the Rush County Sheriff’s Department recently have investigated a number of fraud cases and, in one case, they found an individual who was separated from their hard-earned money by an apparent scam artist.

According to Detective Richard Gosser, one county resident lost a sizable amount of money when they became convinced that they had won in excess of $1 million from American Sweepstakes Publishers.

The individual produced the award document to investigators and explained that the document looked to be authentic and included a Kansas City return address and confirmation number.

The ruse began when the unidentified Rush County resident received a mailed notification informing them of their winnings. After acknowledging receipt of the notification, the individual was contacted by phone from a purported representative of ASP Sweepstakes.

At that time, it was learned that the winnings came with a condition, an outlay of cash was required to pay Federal and state taxes on the winning amount.

“The money was to be wired to a designated account at which time the winnings would be released. The individual complied with the request and lost roughly $14,000,” Gosser said.

He continued by saying that this type of fraudulent activity has been going on in various forms for a number of years; however, recent investigations have found the callers are becoming more aggressive when targeting individuals.

“They are very convincing once they feel they have an individual lulled into believing they’ve won something for nothing,” the detective said.

Gosser said that a request for sending money or releasing bank account information should be a red flag and be reported to county or local law enforcement personnel immediately.

Individuals should be wary of attempts to defraud them of their money and under no circumstances should individuals feel pressured to wire or send money as a means to receive winnings.

For more information or to report suspicious activity contact the RCSD at 765-932-2931 or the Rushville Police Department at 765- 932-3907.

Contact: Frank Denzler @ 765.932.2222 x106