Rushville Republican

November 20, 2012

McDonald: Going backwards

Dear Editor:

John McDonald
Rushville Republican

RUSHVILLE — Thursday Nov. 8, 2012, I left the American Legion at 10 p.m. to get a sandwich at Hardee’s. I was followed by police. While waiting for my order a police car sped south on Main, turned in to Bobolink, drove up toward me and stopped with his headlights on me and sat there for about 15 seconds. I figured he thought I had been drinking, since I had just left the American Legion. I was. I had coffee. He then sped out onto Main Street headed north, narrowly missed being hit by a north bound car, no red or blue lights.

I then headed home up Perkins Street to Third. A police car came from West Third Street headed south on Perkins past me flying. Why? No lights, no siren. I turned east on Third. As I passed the park on Ft. Wayne Rd., here comes a police car and followed me home. When I turned into my drive he turned his lights on me. He said I did not use my right turn signal when I turned east off of Perkins St. I said I don’t remember if I did or not. Why didn’t you stop me then? Why wait till I get home a mile away? He checked my drivers license, registration then here comes two more policemen, lighting up the sky with all the colored lights - like they had just caught a bank robber and asking me where you going? I said home. One says you live here? The other sees my name on the mailbox and pointed to the mailbox with my name on it. Then they ask where you been? I thought none of your business, but I said you know where I been you followed me from the American Legion. I believe they thought I had been drinking alcohol since they saw my car parked at the Legion and thought they had found a drunk to arrest.

To me this is just plain harassment. This is not the first time they have stopped me for no reason. Three weeks ago I was stopped in front of the Rush County jail going home again. I had been at the Walker Township Conservation Club, I was told I was going 40 mph on 44. I had slowed to 40 mph before entering the city limits. The limit is 55. I then asked why didn’t you stop me then if you thought I was speeding.

I was not given a ticket in either case. Why? Because I think these young policemen are bored, have no excitement, have a gun and badge and think they can do whatever they want. Rushville has had this problem for a long time. Merv Bostic ran for Mayor to straighten out some of these problems with the Police Dept., and now we are going backwards. I am not the only one.

I have talked to other people who have had similar problems as mine. If these policemen have nothing to do, then why do we need them? The city and the taxpayers could save a lot of money on wages, police cars, gas and insurance. In a time when people are not working, have no money and then to be watched by these policemen, in my opinion looking for a reason to arrest them to justify keeping them on the payroll.

Anyone you talk to who was or is a frequent member of a club or visits a tavern will tell you they stay at home for fear of the police. Knowing they are watching their auto to see how long they have been there. What kind of society are we living in?

Everyone knows the American Legion was closed for a long time, and how hard some have worked to get it running again. Steven Bradley, commander, and manager Kenny Walker had many long meetings to get post 150 up and going again, but it’s hard to keep members coming when the law is watching outside. These men fought for you and this country. Many were killed and many more injured and to be treated this way is so disrespectful. The American Legion is a non profit organization and needs money to run. Post 150 Rushville helps so many people in need, along with the Legion motorcycle riders, having benefit rides, auctions, meals - anything to help someone who is sick people or even with funeral expenses. Ann Moster was so good about waiting until we could have a ride to raise money, Thank you Ann.

I am a Sons of the American Legion and a Legion rider I have so much respect for these men and am so proud to know them. I am just a coffee drinker, so they don’t make money off me, but these men should not have to fear our local police. And yes, I did file a complaint with the Mayor. I hope he will do something.

John McDonald