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September 17, 2013

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Rushville Republican

---- — Birthday thanks

Dear Editor:

It is with a sense of deep gratitude and heartfelt appreciation that I write this letter.

On Saturday, Aug. 31, 2013, I was treated to a birthday “open house” to celebrate my 83rd birthday. I was so pleasantly surprised to have had so many wonderful friends, neighbors, church and family members attend this celebration from Rush County.

Since there are so many wonderfully kindhearted people to thank individually, I am writing this public “thank you” to all who attended, called and sent cards to me. This pleased me immensely and made this birthday so very special. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

With appreciation,

Jo Ann Brees


Storm responsewas good

Dear Editor:

I would like to express my highest regard for the speed and efficiency with which the Rushville Street Department responded to the numerous obstructions which occurred during Tuesday afternoon’s storm. My own experience was with a downed tree blocking Perkins between Fifth and Sixth Streets: I called it in at the height of the storm, figuring it would go on a list to be taken care of after it was over. Imagine my surprise when they showed up just a few minutes later in the driving rain, cleared the tree, and moved on down the street to clear another one below Fourth Street.

I do have a suggestion, though, for better coordination between the Street Department and the Rushville Police Department to address traffic control in similar circumstances. Evidently the storm triggered the railroad crossing guard at Main Street, blocking Main Street as well. In addition to the usual Perkins Street traffic at that time of day, a lot of drivers were diverting to Perkins from Main because of the backup on Main. As they approached Fifth Street only to find Perkins blocked, impatient ones were doing things which endangered themselves and others and made an already bad situation worse, like driving on the wrong side of the street trying to jump the line, turning in front of other vehicles, and so forth; truckers were driving on yards or getting hung up trying to turn in intersections never designed for 18-wheelers.

I realize there was a lot going on at the time, but we really could have used a police presence at both the Main and Perkins Street intersections with Fifth.

Perhaps the Street and Police Departments could work out a protocol for the Street Department to notify RPD where such multiple obstructions are located, so that RPD may more effectively assess traffic control needs.

Again, my compliments to the Rushville Street Department. Keep up the good work!

Jim Huston


Close to our hearts

Dear Editor:

How can I, with pen and paper, ever explain to you how deeply you have touched our hearts in the passing of our beautiful daughter, Briana Gobel Springman?

To those of you who have sent cards, flowers and gifts, or came and sat on our porch and shared our grief, we thank you and we love you.

To those of you who have been by our side, cried with us, and those of you who have continued to pray for our hearts to find peace, we thank you and we love you.

To our family, our wonderful families, you loved her too and our strength we will gain together.

To Major Hospital and Glenn George Funeral Home, thank you for your compassion and your care of Briana and our family.

We keep you all close in our hearts.

Tony and Kerri Laird and family

Gov. Pence andthe SBE

Dear Editor:

I have received information concerning the latest State Board of Education meeting as well as the Governor’s recent announcement that leaves me greatly disappointed and perplexed.

I am vehemently opposed to the continued and consistent ongoing disregard and overt contempt displayed by the State Board of Education toward our duly elected Superintendent of Public Instruction, Ms. Glenda Ritz. Additionally, I could not be more opposed to what appears to be the Pence Administration’s effort to purposefully marginalize the Superintendent by dishonoring and disregarding the voice of Hoosier voters.

Voters elected Superintendent Ritz as they obviously disagreed with Superintendent Bennett (he had the huge war chest, a well-oiled political machine, as well as all the name recognition both statewide and nationally) and his “my way or the highway” philosophy. Now Governor Pence has appointed a committee as well as a chairman to, in essence, marginalize Superintendent Ritz and dishonor the voice of the voter and continue exactly that which was so soundly defeated in the election.

Is Indiana intending to follow the Federal example of having two governments; one duly elected or appointed and approved by Congress and another hand-picked by the President? This creation of a shadow government is just as wrong here as it is in Washington. Considering that the Governor appears to be creating this structure to bypass working within a system created by the Indiana Constitution and supported by voters is particularly repugnant and should be stopped.

Following the notes from the previous three meetings of the State Board of Education, apparently the Pence Administration is less than willing to work within guidelines established by the voters. The Governor seems to be doing everything possible to continue with the Bennett Doctrine (he has publicly endorsed an A-F system that has proven unreliable when even the favored plum schools gets C’s) and eliminate Superintendent Ritz’s from exercising any effectiveness (except that of figurehead) by shoving her to the side.

It has been stated ad naseum that elections have consequences. Perhaps that is true, unless one retains enough power following an election to act as a bully and by strong arm tactics the will of the voter can be obfuscated? Republicans are supposed to be about limited government, local autonomy, getting government out of the way, letting experts do their work (at least that’s why I’m a Republican), but that is far from the truth for Public Schools. Republican legislators can’t have it both ways for long before the voter catches on and holds them accountable at the ballot box. Should they desire to retain power (as politicians do) they need to return to advocating from a Republican ideal in all arenas.

We should not use tax dollars to duplicate governmental agencies, (a paramount Republican ideal) and under no circumstances should an elected official be usurped by an illegitimate or appointed one.

Thank you,

Julian Smith