Rushville Republican

December 10, 2013

Letters to the Editor

Rushville Republican

---- — A solution needs to be found

Dear Editor,

As a retired Deputy Sheriff with 35 years of experience in Rush County Law Enforcement. I now find myself a Seasoned Citizen of Rushville who must rely on the Rushville Police Department to deter crime and protect our families. I am deeply concerned about the defacto revolving door policy of the Rushville Police Department. As Law Enforcement goes, The Rushville Police Department and the Rush County Sheriff’s Department are dead ends for Police Officers. The pay and benefits are limited due to budget constraints, the chances of promotion are minimal, and usually these promotions turn out to be more of a headache than they are worth. Yet, with few exceptions, it seems that Deputies serve until retirement but City Police Officers come and go at an alarming rate. Why??

The hiring of new Police Officers is like watching Newlyweds. Will they celebrate a Golden Anniversary or a nasty divorce, only time will tell. The entry requirements for the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy are stringent and demanding, so much so that not just anyone can be hired. The 14 week Boot-Camp/ Basic Training type of atmosphere at the Academy requires complete dedication both physically and mentally. It is incumbent upon the City Administration to create an environment for the retention of such highly trained Academy Graduates. The Chief of Police only has so much control of the atmosphere within the Police Department and needs the cooperation of Rushville’s Elected Officials.

The world has become a very dangerous place and civilization has a nasty way of filtering down from the big cities to small towns. We need Officers who not only know the law, but have the street experience to prevent or stop crime against citizens. It usually takes 3-5 years of patrol experience to make a really proficient Police Officer.

Today, if the Rushville Republican had a page that posted the current Police Officers pictures at the top of the page and their names on the bottom of the page, like other promotions, I bet less than 25% of the citizens of Rushville could match all of them correctly. Not only is this a sad commentary for Rushville but has the potential of making Rushville a more dangerous place to live.

I have had this conversation, personally, with then Mayor-Elect Pavey, and also with Councilmen Craig Smith and Brian Conner. Additionally Bob Bridges and Darin McGowan are former members of the Police Department. Additionally, Councilmen, Bradley Berkemier and Brian Sheehan have been observers of Rushville all their lives.

Personalities should not get in the way of sound judgments. Whether, Take Home Cars, Longevity or Specialty Pay is considered, a viable solution must be found for the safety and efficient service to the citizens of Rushville.


Mark Click


Thank you

Dear Editor,

On behalf of the Rush County churches, I would like to thank the many wonderful people who made the Community Thanksgiving Meal such a success this year. With the help of many generous folks, we were able to prepare and deliver 678 meals. What a wonderful Christian outreach this ministry has been for so many! Our thanks go out to the many businesses who contributed this year: The Park Restaurant, Just Rite, McDonalds, The Stylists at the Shampoo Bowl, Miller Produce(Marvin and Janice Miller), Rosfield Electric, Jane Smiley CPA, Family Video, Save-a-lot Grocery Store, the Rush County Food Pantry and Klosterman Bakery of Morristown.

In addition, a huge thank you to the countless number of volunteers from the community, the students from all the schools, the Jr Leaders, and members of our county wide churches who prepared food, took deliveries, or assisted with clean up. It can’t be said enough how blessed we are to live in such a caring and supportive community!!

Thanks to all and God Bless,

Main St. Christian Church Community Thanksgiving Committee

Want change?

Dear Editor,

I would like to comment on Mr. Voiles letter of 11-26-13. If you want change in county government, the 2014 election cycle starts soon. I will look forward to your name on the ballot.

Good luck in your election efforts.

Verlin Custer


Thank you - on behalf of the Henrietta Richardson family

Dear Editor,

We wish to extend our most gracious appreciation to all who touched our mother’s life. Especially those who cared so attentively for her at her extended home of Miller’s Merry Manor four the past 4+ years. And to all the love she received from the staff and to Andrew, who always made things go smoothly; to the Rush Memorial Ambulance, Glenwood Volunteer Fire Department, Raleigh Volunteer Fire Department Ambulance Service; to Rick Levi and staff for their guidance; to Howard Bullard and the Ben Davis Creek Christian Church family for the love and prayers throughout her years; to Moster Mortuary; and to all who blessed her life. Lastly, a special thank you to Beth West and the team of Our Hospice of Decatur County. The comfort you gave to her and the quiet strength provided was a blessing in many ways.

Helen Richardson