Rushville Republican

April 10, 2013

Multiple acts of kindness don’t go unnoticed

Rushville Republican

RUSHVILLE — Dear Editor:

My son Josh goes to Milroy Elementary. He is my special boy who is autistic. He is also the Salvation Army’s bell ringer with a big heart.

I wanted to share one of my recent experiences in the Milroy community. We don’t often see or hear positive things about kids so it’s important to me that I share this.

The following is my Facebook post from March 30:

Had an amazing experience today. The kids and I had our day planned out. We were going to see baby Landon and his proud mommy and daddy at the hospital. Next, we stopped at CVS to pick up last minute Easter goodies. We stayed a little too long. Our last stop was at Milroy Methodist Church Easter egg hunt. It was 11:25 and we had 35 minutes to make a 45-50 minute trip. I couldn’t screw this up because Josh had been talking about the big hunt for a week. I broke sound barriers getting us there. We got there at 12:03. As Josh and Sis walked toward the hunting grounds, kids were passing us saying, “There aren’t anymore eggs.” The look on his face broke my heart. “We tried so hard mom, and its too late.” I was trying to console him the best I could. The next thing I knew, we were surrounded by kids. Kids were walking back to us. They were taking eggs from their baskets and bags to fill my babies baskets. I broke down in tears. These children were saying, “Here Josh, I got too many, have these..” For a solid hour children were approaching Josh to give him eggs and a smile. The kindness of these kids to my kids filled my day with unexpected happiness. Thank you, Milroy residents, schoolmates, staff and Milroy Methodist Church for giving us a blessed experience.

Basically I want to thank all these people for being so incredible. Our community has so much good in it and I hate to see the bad overshadow it.

Sarah Foreman