Rushville Republican

January 15, 2013

Gun insanity may signal end of US as we’ve known it

Rushville Republican

RUSHVILLE — Dear Editor:

I’m painfully aware that most people will go to any lengths to avoid facing reality; however, a cognizant few must realize that we have entered a period of sheer insanity in the matter of guns.

The sales of quasi assault rifles and semi-automatic pistols are soaring. Millions of otherwise sane citizens now feel they must own at least one of these evil weapons, preferably with a couple of 30-round clips.

Justifications for owning such weapons range from ridiculous to downright nuts.

Many still attempt to justify their purchase as being “hunting-related.” Of course we all know that to be a farce. Many others state they need these rapid-firing weapons for “self-protection.” Protection from whom? Have home break-ins and/or muggings suddenly become a daily threat for the average citizen? Statistics won’t back that up.

Now, to further illustrate our new crazed obsession with guns, there’s a growing move afoot to arm college students.

I’m sure you’ve all seen pictures in newspapers of large crowds of college students “demonstrating” (rioting) during which events they drag overstuffed furniture outside and set fire to it, while many of the “demonstrators” are falling-down drunk or puking their guts out. Now consider the same out-of-control campus situation but every student has a gun. Gee, what do you suppose could go wrong?

There is utterly no reason for any citizen, apart from law enforcement officers and the military, to possess an assault-type weapon. No, none, so spare me your lame arguments and phony justifications.

This new gun obsession is fundamentally changing the makeup of our nation as we rapidly become less civilized.

Best regards.

Norm Voiles