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December 24, 2012

Work at RPL continues

Rushville Republican

RUSHVILLE — Dear Editor:

The trustees of the Rushville Public Library Board are occasionally asked why nothing is happening with the library renovation. You may recall that about one year ago we celebrated the razing of the building donated by Carter Lanning as a major step toward expansion. We asked the public at that time to renew support of our Raise to Raze fund to be used to remove the remaining brick building north of the library and to meet budget shortfalls related to the renovation efforts.

The response was much appreciated, but limited.

In late summer the trustees authorized a new fund raising committee. This enthusiastic group, under the able leadership of Mary Page, began taking the steps to develop a capital campaign. With the generous support of library patrons, the library was able to match the funds required to complete the application for an OCRA grant and to dive into a feasibility study.  

With the assistance of Indiana Landmarks and Rush County Heritage, the board retained the architectural firm of Odle, McGuire and Shook, designers of the existing building, to draw plans to enhance and expand the Rushville Public Library and to bring it up to ADA standards, among other improvements.

We write you so that the community will know that an absence of activity on the outside does not mean that “nothing is happening” at the library.

In addition to the excitement of this renewed interest in the renovation, the day-to-day business handled by our industrious staff remains steady.

Stop in sometime and take a look around. Ask questions.

After the new year, we hope to be meeting with many of you in the community to get your feedback and, with your support, begin a process that could rejuvenate the Rushville Public Library, Rushville, and Rush County.  

Thank you for your support,

Rushville Public Library Board of Trustees

Robert Hadley, President

Laura Steenstrup, Vice-president

Jennifer Harpring

Denise Payne

Keith Perin

Lou Starkey

Tim Yazel