Rushville Republican

September 17, 2013

Storm response was good

Rushville Republican

---- — Dear Editor:

I would like to express my highest regard for the speed and efficiency with which the Rushville Street Department responded to the numerous obstructions which occurred during Tuesday afternoon’s storm. My own experience was with a downed tree blocking Perkins between Fifth and Sixth Streets: I called it in at the height of the storm, figuring it would go on a list to be taken care of after it was over. Imagine my surprise when they showed up just a few minutes later in the driving rain, cleared the tree, and moved on down the street to clear another one below Fourth Street.

I do have a suggestion, though, for better coordination between the Street Department and the Rushville Police Department to address traffic control in similar circumstances. Evidently the storm triggered the railroad crossing guard at Main Street, blocking Main Street as well. In addition to the usual Perkins Street traffic at that time of day, a lot of drivers were diverting to Perkins from Main because of the backup on Main. As they approached Fifth Street only to find Perkins blocked, impatient ones were doing things which endangered themselves and others and made an already bad situation worse, like driving on the wrong side of the street trying to jump the line, turning in front of other vehicles, and so forth; truckers were driving on yards or getting hung up trying to turn in intersections never designed for 18-wheelers.

I realize there was a lot going on at the time, but we really could have used a police presence at both the Main and Perkins Street intersections with Fifth.

Perhaps the Street and Police Departments could work out a protocol for the Street Department to notify RPD where such multiple obstructions are located, so that RPD may more effectively assess traffic control needs.

Again, my compliments to the Rushville Street Department. Keep up the good work!

Jim Huston