Rushville Republican

November 5, 2013

Letters to the editor

Rushville Republican

---- — Thank you

Dear Editor:

The family of Dick Reed wishes to thank everyone for the prayers, cards and visits for him during his illness and after his death.

Special thanks to Ann and Dick Moster for the care and concern they showed in the memorial service and viewing.

Thanks also to Sam Davenport for his message at the memorial and the visits he made during Dick’s illness. Thanks to the ladies of Main Street Christian Church for the meal following the service. Thanks to all of our friends for the many acts of kindness we were shown.

Judy Reed

Becky Lyons

Jessica Lyons

Jim Lyons

Leading a dog’s life – at your expense

Dear Editor:

Readers familiar with some of my past offerings are aware of my belief that our beloved country is circling the drain on a downward spiral and that one of the chief reasons is the government handing too much money to people who did nothing to earn it.

A good friend, who is totally reliable, passed on this little tale, which he heard from the person who actually observed the situation.

It seems that a woman shopping with food stamps placed a large package of dog food on the check-out counter. Upon being told by the clerk that she could not purchase dog food with food stamps, the woman marched back to the meat department and returned with a large package of hamburger patties.

Tossing the hamburgers on the counter, she loudly declared, “He likes hamburger better anyway!”

Kinda makes you want to puke, eh?

In a similar vein, a good neighbor told me that his dad had these words of wisdom about welfare:

* The first time you receive it, you’re really embarrassed.

* The second time you’re embarrassed, but not so much.

* The third time (and forever after), you’re owed it.

Best regards and kudos to all hard-working folks, and to those who aren’t working through no fault of their own,

Norm Voiles

Rushville, Indiana