Rushville Republican

October 8, 2013

Discovery about diplomacy

Dear Editor:
Rushville Republican

---- — Children of the Republic are you awake? We are few in number and dwindling; our children will not even know that we were founded as a republic not a democratic nation soon although; I fear that this is the case already.

I have so many times thought of the difference between the two. I have been told "you need to be more diplomatic in your approach." I wondered if perhaps this might be true. I have done a lot of soul searching into this matter. Now let me tell you what I ultimately discovered about diplomacy, it is the ability to tell someone to go to hell and make them look forward to the trip. It does paint a prettier picture for the masses but the end result is the same. It appears to me even our republic minded leaders, be that religious or politic, have adopted this smooth speech when telling the people the truth of the matter. Where are the Watchers that warn the people of danger, it used to be that our Pastors preached truth form the podium but, you don't find that much if at all anymore. Are they now graduates of the democratic finishing school? For the sake of being "Politically Correct" we have forsaken the TRUE GOD; we have gone whoring after false gods, and we will pay a terrible price for this. WAKE UP Israel of old .Did you know that is what the Christian settlers of this" promised land" referred to themselves as and this land? They said, “We shall be a city on a hill. The eyes of all people are upon us."

All of our 50 states not 57 declared gratitude to the Creator for their existence and LIBERTY.

Samuel Adams said "The Constitution was made solely for a moral and religious (Christian) people. Wholly inadequate for the government of any other." Is that why we need to tweak and change the Constitution, we are no longer that Christian people but a melting of every pagan god known to mankind? I understand that we are no longer only a Christian people but, to those of you who are, we need to Wake Up! We have all but lost the land that we love.

The Truth Shall Make You FREE In Deed.

Victoria Foley