Rushville Republican

November 19, 2013

Letters to the Editor

Rushville Republican

---- — Who knows everything? Nobody, that’s who!

Dear Editor:

All the foofaraw currently going on in much of the world about “spying” is really a full load of nonsense. You could fertilize your garden with it. All countries spy on each other - always have and always will. This calls to mind the American OSS/CIA, the Russian KGB, the German Abwehr and so forth.

The reason the present “outrage” has reached such heights is the general and pervasive ignorance of the citizenry and the wish to place the blame on our president. The fact is that the president has only limited knowledge of what goes on in the vast underworld of espionage.

That applies to every president and every world leader throughout history, certainly not just the current U.S. president.

It is no accident that presidents do not possess detailed knowledge of our spying activities. It’s called “plausible deniability.” Simply put, it means that when the stuff hits the fan publicly, the president can truthfully say, “I didn’t know anything about that.”

The boobs who are howling after Obama’s scalp in the matter have no concept of the size and magnitude of our federal government. They do not have the mental capacity to understand the layer upon layer of agencies and bureaucracies that exist in our good old U.S.A.

While presidents (all presidents) are given a daily “briefing” on world and domestic affairs, they are given only what the bureaucrats decide they need to know.

It is a fact that the world is full of really dumb people and we surely have our share of them in the United States. These folks, who have never had a deep thought in their lives, react savagely to television sound bites, brainless postings on “social media,” and other questionable sources. While we’re at it, let’s not forget Fox News, where slanted reporting is a way of life.

The U.S. government is an enormous entity. No one person could possibly know of all its workings.

Neither can any president.

Best regards,

Norman D. Voiles

Publisher, Retired

Rushville, Indiana


Dear Editor,

Rush County Victims Assistance, Inc. would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support of the Holiday Expo held at the Rushville Elementary School East and West gyms on Saturday, Nov. 9, 2013.

We would especially like to thank the Rushville Elementary School administration and custodial staffs, Mayor Mike Pavey, the Rushville Republican, volunteers from Main Source Bank and the Key Club from RCHS and all of the other volunteers who helped in any way with this event. A huge thank you goes out to the vendors who, without them, there would be no Holiday Expo. A special thanks also to the community who came out and supported this very important fundraiser.

The proceeds from this fundraiser will go towards the operating costs of our domestic abuse shelter, Phoenix House.

Thanks again to everyone for making the 2013 Holiday Expo such a great success!

Rita Emsweller, Chair

Brandy Rudicil, Co-Chair

Holiday Expo 2013