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Letters to the Editor

February 25, 2014

Letters to the Editor


What values is shown for terms like “residential” or “agricultural” if property that has been zoned that way is so easily taken for purpose that are clearly commercial in nature?

What concern is shown for families who live in the area and who will face increases in traffic volume, rodents, odors and destruction of their roads, while they see decreases in value of their land, quality of their lives and purity of their water and air?

We do not wish to stand in the way of progress or to hinder the city’s ability to earn funds, but we do wish to hold the Zoning Board and Mayor responsible to respect the zoning districts that have been established for that purpose.

Please do the right thing. Keep trash relay stations on commercial land so that the phrase “home sweet home” can continue to describe the property of every one of our hard-working residents.

Thank you,

Stephen and Cathy Schneider

Millions of pics snapped, but few saved for future info and pleasure

Dear Editor,

In these days of incessant picture taking, where everybody with a “smart” phone has become a “photographer,” I’m concerned that in the future there will be no family photo records.

Marilyn and I have many photo albums, covering the gamut of people/events that are important to us. It’s interesting to sit and leaf through these albums - those trips down Memory Lane are sweet - sometimes bittersweet - the photos irreplaceable.

Question: Of the millions of photos snapped daily using modern electronics, how many will actually be printed? I’d guess very few.

But, you say, they’ll be saved on CDs, DVDs, or name the current gadget. That’s dandy, except a generation or two down the road there won’t be equipment with which to display the pictures.

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