Rushville Republican

November 26, 2013

Letters to the Editor

Rushville Republican

---- — Local library systems still living in the past

Dear Editor:

I commenced to read with interest and high hopes the P-1 story in the Friday, Nov. 22, edition of the Rushville Republican headed, “Library expansion proposal heard.”

It didn’t take long for disappointment, even disbelief, to set in as the story made no mention of any possible transition, now or ever, of the city library to a county-wide entity.

I’ve campaigned for a long time on this important matter, with absolutely no positive result, but must once again raise the subject.

Every, repeat every, surrounding county has a county library system. Only backward Rushville/Rush County continues to cling to an outmoded city- only system.

I suppose adherents of the city-only system can make many arguments as to why the status quo should remain in effect year after year, but I doubt those arguments would be very convincing.

Marilyn and I are Friends of the Decatur County Library; that group did not hold its regular November Book Sale, so we made the easy run up to the Hancock County Library in Greenfield to shop its November Book Sale.

The Hancock County Library in Greenfield is extremely impressive, as is the Decatur County Library in Greensburg, and I would not expect the much smaller Rushville/Rush County area to support such lavish surroundings, but in my mind there can be no valid reason for not having a local library whose users and supporters encompass the entire county, even if on a more modest level.

I am reconciled to the fact that nothing will change in our library system. Sadly, the only changes occurring in Rushville are the ongoing shutting down of businesses. Look around at all the empty building locations--the trend is obvious. Retailers, lumber yards, auto dealers, the shut-down list goes on--and seems to be accelerating.

Some community boosters avow that turning our tiny downtown into just another one of those cutesy “tourist destinations,” complete with second-hand stores and flea markets, will bring new life to Rushville.

I don’t think so.

Perhaps in a dying town, having county-wide support for the library would be a plus, at least on a suitably modest level.

One may still hope, although given little reason to do so.

Best regards,

Norm Voiles

Rural Rushville, Indiana

Inaccuracies and omissions

Dear Editor:

I have just received the new phone book published by Yellowbook for Rushville and Connersville. The inaccuracies and omissions in this publication are just abysmal. My practice has been located at 606 E. 11th Street for 37 years and is not listed. Rush Memorial Hospital has been at its present location since 1950 and is not listed in the yellow pages nor any of its current physicians. At least it had the good fortune of being listed in the white pages, but the misfortune of having the wrong number listed.

Dr. Kartha is listed, but he has been deceased for over 10 years. Family Health Services which is listed has been renamed Meridian Health Services which is not listed.

I am sure there are many other inaccuracies and omissions which the publisher states in a very large notice that it is not responsible for nor accepts any liability. There was obviously very little effort to get this information correct. If this is the best this publication can do, it will not be long before it is out of business.

Douglas Morrell, M.D.

Thank you

Dear Editor:

I would like to publicly give a huge THANK YOU shout out for those who helped me through my recent illness.

First, to the 9-1-1 operator who answered my call in the early hours of Monday, Oct. 21. Without his help, I might not have pulled through.

Then, to the paramedics who came to my rescue and took their jobs seriously. To the apartment manager who was there to unlock my door and let them in.

Thanks to the emergency room staff of Rush Memorial Hospital, the helicopter pilots, doctors and nurses who flew with me to St. Vincent Heart Center in Indianapolis.

Also, a big THANKS to Hancock Home Health Services. Their staff got me up and going again. Thanks to the Rush County Senior Center for their assistance.

To all my friends who sent cards, telephone calls and visits. Thanks ever so much.


Jean Vandeventer