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March 19, 2013

Health & Safety

Rushville Republican

RUSHVILLE — Health & Safety is an office voted in by the members of every local 4-H club in Rush County.  When a member becomes the Health & Safety leader they are required to present a short lesson at their club meetings on any health or safety topic. They unfortunately are not given any resource materials to use for these lessons.  

At the recommendation of executive director Faith Mock, the Rush Memorial Hospital Foundation Board gave permission to pursue the creation of a new program called “Building Leaders Together.” Foundation director Mock, with the help of RMH Wellness Coordinator Jena Wagner and RMH Director of Education Dawn Peffer, constructed ten mini lessons to share at the Health & Safety leader training. These lessons covered such subjects as Emergency Preparedness, Healthy Teeth, Portion Control, Importance of Exercise, Look-a-Likes, Health Comparison Between Water, Sport Drinks, and Pop, Proper Hand Washing, Junk Food Attack, Bullying, and Eating Healthy.

Twenty Health & Safety leaders, 4-H adult leaders, and parents attended the first training held in the Kenneth L. Earnest Family Conference Center at Rush Memorial Hospital on Feb. 28. The group was given a short presentation about the history of Rush Memorial and then toured the radiology department. They moved to the conference center to participate in a demonstration on proper hand washing using a Glo Germ Box. Next a demonstration on portion control was presented followed by a short explanation of each of the remaining lessons. At each lesson station the Health & Safety leaders were shown a display and given an information sheet, activity sheets, and supplies to present the new lesson to their local 4-H club. Refreshments were served and an opportunity for the leaders to ask questions or practice a lesson in front of an adult was made available.

According to Kristie Amos, 4-H youth development specialist, “This evening was a wonderful opportunity for our Health & Safety leaders. They are excited to share the new ideas and information with their local club members. Thanks to the RMH Foundation for creating this great program.”

Mock stated, “We want to publicly thank RushShelby Energy for awarding us their RoundUp grant and to Wal-Mart for funding this new program. Their support allowed us to get the necessary materials and be able to offer a supply kit that the leaders can check out to use at their local meetings. We so appreciate their partnership with this new training. The students were amazing and will be great leaders within their clubs.”

The goals of “Building Leaders Together” is to provide health and safety information for leaders to use, provide materials and supplies that they can use in their lessons, develop leaderships skills within the 4-Hers, and spur an interest in health and medicine. The Rush Memorial Hospital Foundation hopes to offer this training every year to new 4-H Health & Safety leaders. For more information about this program and the foundation contact Faith Mock, at 765-932-7568.

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