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October 22, 2013

Anytime Fitness honors man as "National Success Story"

Roy Davis conquered many obstacles after losing both legs and 10 fingers

Rushville Republican

---- — West Carrollton, Ohio – It’s tough enough slogging your way through three miles of mud, up hills, over walls, under ropes, and across icy streams. Now, try to imagine doing all that without the use of your legs or fingers, alternately crawling through the mud on your hands and knees or hanging on for dear life to someone else’s back.

For inspiring others to challenge themselves by never giving up, Anytime Fitness (, the world’s fastest-growing fitness club chain, has named Roy Davis of West Carrollton, OH a “National Member Success Story Winner.”

Both of Davis’ legs below his knees and all ten of his fingertips were amputated last year after he developed a flesh-eating disease and lapsed into a coma for nearly three months. Just weeks after leaving the hospital, Davis joined Anytime Fitness to build his strength. Teaming up with two personal trainers and Anytime Fitness club owner John Calvert, Davis recently completed two “Mud-Stash” races – three-mile mud-filled obstacle courses in Lawrenceburg, IN.


“I’ve met several extraordinary athletes in my day,” said Dave Mortensen, Anytime Fitness president, “but none more determined than Roy Davis. After watching him climb walls and crawl through the mud, I’ll never say use the word ‘impossible’ again. Roy is living proof that anything is possible.”

Hands and knees aching while he crawled for the better part of four hours, Davis said he was motivated to complete the Mud-Stash course by thoughts of his four young children.

“I’ve always taught my children to finish what they started,” said Davis. “If you think there’s a roadblock one way, there’s a different way around it. There’s always a different way.”

Davis says he tried to join a number of other gyms before Anytime Fitness, but managers at those clubs discouraged him from joining because they didn’t think they had the means to help him.

“Our personal trainers found creative ways to adapt equipment to meet Roy’s needs,” said John Calvert, owner of the Anytime Fitness club in West Carrollton. “Worrying about limitations gets you nowhere. At Anytime Fitness, we focus on what each of our members can do – and then we build on that. We couldn’t be prouder of Roy. He’s the best of the best.”

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