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March 11, 2014

Take care of your chompers

By Kate Thurston Rushville Republican
Rushville Republican

---- — No matter what age you are, you need to make sure to take care of your teeth. When your mouth and teeth are healthy, you can easily eat the foods you need to stay on top of your health and nutrition.

“You should really brush your teeth two to three times a day,” Dentist Jamie Morgan of Superb Smiles stated. “You need to brush them as long as necessary and this depends on the person or the condition of your teeth. I recommend at least two minutes.”

Most commercials tell us one toothpaste is better than another. Morgan states that there is only one key factor in choosing toothpaste.

“When choosing which toothpaste a person needs to make sure it has fluoride in it. This is the number one thing to have when brushing teeth. Now if you are a toddler or small child, they need to start out using a toothpaste without fluoride because they don’t want to swallow it. Fluoride is a mineral and sometimes children have a hard time spitting out toothpaste unlike adults. So, when starting out with children, get a paste with no fluoride.” Morgan adds that toddlers need to start brushing their teeth with the help of an adult as soon as they start getting teeth.

As far as having to use mouthwash, not everyone needs to use it.

“Mouthwash is not necessary,” Morgan said. “If you are prone to cavities, then mouthwash can be helpful, but it is not a necessary routine to follow.”

Keeping your teeth clean is crucial when it comes to cavities and less dentist visits.

“Some cavity causing culprits are sugary drinks, dry mouth and not cleaning and brushing your teeth well,” Morgan stated. “Water is the best thing to drink for your teeth. Even fruit juice that is natural sugar can really harm your teeth. Believe it or not milk has a lot of sugar in it. When chewing gum sugar-free is the best. Chewing bubblegum does not help at all.”

Professional dental cleaning appointments should be made for the average person every six months.

“Some people have to just come once a year while others have to come four times a year, it varies person to person,” Morgan said. “Also we recommend every six months to change your toothbrush or as soon as the bristles start wearing out. Dental health is different for everyone.”

Although some people are afraid, dentist are here to help.

“You need to find a dentist who you like, it’s hard to be afraid of someone you like,” Morgan laughed.

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