Rushville Republican

October 11, 2012

Bob Stillman performs the music of John Denver and Dan Fogelberg as Country Roads

Rushville Republican

RUSHVILLE — Muncie – John Denver and Dan Fogelberg have a special association with Colorado and the Rocky Mountains. Country Roads will be at Emens Auditorium, Ball State University, at 8 p.m. Friday Oct. 12. In very different ways, these two troubadours epitomized the singer/songwriter movement of the 70’s that grew out of the folk scene of the previous decades. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased at or at the Emens Auditorium Box Office at 765-285-1539.

Denver’s songs are often celebrations of the natural beauty of the Rockies; Fogelberg’s more often tell complex stories of personal relationships. But the sound common to both, based on acoustic guitar and featuring a soaring tenor voice, is the sound of an era that re-discovered the romance of natural America. The artists consist of Bob Stillman (lead vocalist, band arrangements), Le Ann Etheridge, Casey Kelly, Pat McInerney (drummer/percussionist) and Troy Engle (guitar).

“My instinct is always to tell the story of a song—beginning, middle and end,” Bob Stillman says. “You do it in pops style, not in the way you would in a Broadway show. I try to focus on what the song’s about, telling that story. If you’ve got a good voice and you can move people with that voice, that would take care of itself. Each song is a little one-act play.”

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