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October 15, 2013

Christmas in the Land of Oz cast announced

Rush County Players

Rushville Republican

---- — Director, Whitley Fisher is pleased to announce her cast for Rush County Player’s upcoming kids show, “Christmas in the Land of Oz.” Many of Rush county’s favorite characters are back and there are even a few new ones. In this show, the Wicked Witch of the Northwest has stolen Christmas, and Dorothy and her friends find a way to return to Munchkinland. In the process, the Tin Man recovers his sense of humor, the lonely Lion finds a lady companion, the Scarecrow recovers Christmas in Oz and Dorothy finds the spirit of Christmas to take back to Kansas for Aunt Em and Uncle Henry.

Zoey Griffin takes on her first RCP role as Dorothy with Paisley Chandler playing her sidekick, Toto. Auntie Em is played by Holly Sams with Nick Amos portraying Uncle Henry. The Scarecrow is played by Nick Comer, Tin Man is Taylor Aldworth and the Cowardly Lion is played by Andrew Christmas. The Good Witch, Glenda is played by Laura Smith with her counterpart the Wicked Witch of the Northwest being played by Kait Jett. Glenda has a sister, the Good Witch of the South named Wanda June and is portrayed by Gabby Doyle. Wanda June (who’s desire is to be a country singing sensation) has roadies as well. Her lead roadies are played by Carly Buckley as May Belle, Shaleigh Tague as Billie Jean, and Brad Christmas will be playing Jim Bob. Shelbie Hornaday is playing the Lady Lion. Lead Munchkins are being handled by Tyler Amos as the Mayor of Munchkinland with Christopher Lee playing the Toymaker. Feather is played by Lily Krodel, Moonbeam by Paige Paugh and Blossom is Kendra Buckley. The Wicked Witch of the Northwest head flying monkeys are LT Chimp by Josie Doyle, CPT Simian by Delaney Dawson and SGT Ape is Drew Armstrong.

Additional roadies are Nick Amos, Holly Sams, Juliana Simmermon, Kirsten Wilson and Mya Zunum. Ozian Guards are being played by Karli Hall and Mercedes Tanner. Munchkins are: Savannah Abrams, Derick Aldworth, Abby Baker, Bella Bartlett, Arabella Chandler, Tank Chandler, Cierra Christmas, Haley High, Aryn Koger, Andrew Page, John Page, Isabella Simmermon and Kayleigh Walton. Flying monkeys are being portrayed by: Bella Bartlett, Arabella Chandler, Dominick Evans, Ethan Evans, Aliyah Fada, Kinsley Gabbard, Haley High, Andrew Page, John Page, Katie Simmermon and Braden Wheeler.

Rounding out Fisher’s directing team is: Michael Fisher as Producer and Sadie Collum is the Jr. Assistant Director. Tech is being led by Jacob Amos being helped by Matt Griffin and Kellan Dawson. Costuming is being handled by: Kim Cronin, Carrie Barnes, Christina Hankins and Donita Davis. Kid helpers are: Sarah Street, Mercedes Tanner, and Whitney Simpson. Make-up efforts are being led by Kim Cronin as well.

Will call ticket orders are now being accepted for the Dec. 6, 7 and 8 shows at 765-938-1711. Adult tickets are $10 each and students (K-12) are priced at $5 each with lap babies always being free of charge. Leave a message with your ticket needs and you will receive a confirmation call back.

RCP also wants to remind everyone that the RCP annual membership drive is in full swing. RCP is seeking both regular and business memberships as well as show sponsorships. RCP is a 501(C)3 organization. If you or your business is interested in membership information please call RCP (number above) and leave a message.