Rushville Republican

January 13, 2008

Our View: On school building plan

It is a given that the Arlington and Milroy Elementary schools in Rush County are both approaching 100 years of age, are outdated and are in need of replacement.

It is a given that the Rush County Schools Board of Trustees has been discussing what should be done about these aging schools for the past 30 years without coming up with a long-range solution until a decision was made in 2007 to build two new elementary schools — one in Arlington and the other in Milroy.

It is a given that, by a large majority, Rush County property owners and residents of the area served by Rush County Schools signed petitions in support of the current building plan.

With these facts in mind, the Rushville Republican urges the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance to support the current plan, as have a majority of the school board and those who signed petitions in favor of it.

Denial or major modification of the current plan would not be in keeping with the wishes of a majority of Rush County property owners and voters, and we believe that the DLGF, and all governmental bodies, should respect the wishes of the people.