Rushville Republican

December 17, 2007

Our View: Thanks for your efforts

Another chapter in Rushville’s history will come to a close Tuesday when the Rushville City Council meets for the last time.

When Councilmen John Byrne, Chris Fields, Mike Pavey and Brian Sheehan, along with Mayor Bob Bridges, take their seats at the City Council table it will be the last time they do so, at least for four years; we all owe them our gratitude and a word of thanks.

In November some of these men made a bid to retain their seats. In the fickle world of politics, they were defeated. They were not alone. Across the state voters overwhelmingly picked new municipal leaders rather than incumbents.

What is important is to review the body of work the current, but outgoing, council members and mayor created. Each, in his own way, has helped make this a better city. Also, the men and women of the various boards, many of whom are sure to be replaced, should also be commended, as should city attorneys Newhouse & Newhouse.

Under their watch many changes were made and many positive things were accomplished.

They may not have accomplished everything they would have liked, but the important thing to keep in mind is that they gave it their best shot. They were willing to serve rather than just complain or second-guess others.

This group of selfless professionals may be in the waning hours of their service, but their legacy will be one etched into the history of the city. For that, we thank them all as we say farewell.