Rushville Republican

December 9, 2007

Our View: On the Rushville Animal Shelter

Many area residents are aware of allegations regarding improper euthanasia practices at the Rushville Animal Shelter.

Assistant animal control officer Jamie Glandon has alleged that on three occasions canines were given what was supposed to be a lethal injection that did not put the animals in question painlessly to death. In one instance, Glandon says, a dog survived four days in a walk-in freezer after being given an injection that didn’t work.

While these occurrences, if true, are appalling, we do not believe animal control officer Jack Hill intentionally did anything wrong.

It would seem that Mr. Hill didn’t have the equipment or the training needed to do his job properly.

The local shelter is in deplorable condition. We don’t believe that is the fault of anyone in particular; that’s been the case for a great many years.

City government needs to take a long, hard look at making significant improvements to the facility.

Local citizens need to step up and help by volunteering at the shelter, donating money or supplies to the shelter, by adopting a pet and giving it a good home and by having their pet spayed/neutered.

The city should also consider contracting with an area veterinarian to provide euthanasia services. Doing so would eliminate the kinds of mistakes Glandon is alleging have taken place.