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March 6, 2013

Mauzy: Appreciation to RCHS basketball fans

RUSHVILLE — For Rushville Consolidated High School, another basketball season has come to a close. The end of the season is exciting as well as somewhat sad. First, the players and all others involved gear up for tournament play, hoping for some big wins. Next comes the inevitable moment when the ending game buzzer signifies that seniors will no longer be wearing the Rushville Lion uniform. In one second’s time, realization swoops in telling everyone involved that it’s time to now move on to other endeavors.

Openings and endings of sports seasons are much like our seasons of changing weather patterns. We adjust to changes and when we finally get used to the new routine things change again. That’s just the way life is, at least here in Indiana. It seems we are always adjusting—wardrobe changes for the weather, bedtime routines for daylight-saving time changes, and, of course, new game plays for the changing sports seasons.

Sometimes we change from one to another effortlessly, without giving any thought to what just occurred or what we will be expecting. Adapting to situations quickly is a good trait, but as with most changing times, a little reflection brings things into better perspective. The end of the RCHS basketball season is no different.

While it is sure that the coaches and players may look over past performances and seek ways to improve, there may be one aspect of the season that gets overlooked. While with a general feeling of camaraderie, the presence of external sporting event figures may be noticed, I wonder if they are always shown proper appreciation. Thanking others for the support of the team should be at the top of the list for county ball teams.

In my opinion, when we thank others for their support we learn that life is bigger than we are; in the case of a sporting season, that other people who are supporting our efforts are more important than the game itself. Student athletes should be taught that lesson and, in their learning, may realize the importance of always trying their best at the game they play and to behave selflessly while playing it. The people supporting the team deserve that kind of attitude from student athletes. Student athletes are touching other people’s lives in a bigger way than they may realize.

I could not let the ending of this local basketball season go by without my own thoughts on the matter. It goes without saying that parents should be appreciated by the ball club, but beyond them are many more people who put in a lot of time and effort to help make the season pleasurable. I will name a few now in no particular order because they all are important parts of the culture of community support associated with our high school athletics.

The RCHS Pep Band is very supportive during the basketball season. Their presence helps to electrify the atmosphere. Yes, the band members are required to perform during regular season as part of a grading base, but the students put forth a lot of time and effort prepping for these events. Additionally, many of these band members willingly volunteer to play at tournaments games. Attending a basketball game would not be the same without these students and band leaders.

The RCHS Cheer Block is outstanding, especially during tournament play. Many students give up their own free time and spend money to purchase tickets in order to offer support and to cheer for our teams. I can attest they were a rowdy bunch this year, but all in good fun. The same as the band members, these students bring a higher presence to the games and they do it to support the ball players, not because they have to but because they want to.

The next mention will be of a man who goes out of his way and puts forth a lot of time to support our Rushville Lions. People who have attended many games will likely know that Stanley Hollar is in regular attendance. He may be one of the most faithful of local fans, traveling sometimes many miles in order to watch both the girls and boys play on the same day. That is true fan loyalty. Beyond a physical presence, Stanley also offers support to the team through the use of Facebook. Like the Cheerblock, he doesn’t have to do it; he wants to do it and seems to enjoy it very much. There are others like him as well.

My son played for the Rushville Lions for the past four years and so I do realize how important team support is. I think the players need to know that others care about watching them perform because the players do put in a lot of hard work in practice and during game time. Just the same, I think that even though the band members, the Cheerblock members and then individuals such as Stanley Hollar attend the games willingly, the student athletes and the coaches should sincerely thank them for caring. The supports and appreciation shown should really work both ways.

I will end by adding one more overlooked duo to thank for what they do. I call them the radio guys, but Mr. Wilson and Mr. Conklin do a great job of supporting our student athletes by the kind (and sometimes funny) words they say during their radio broadcasts of the game. These men also do a lot of traveling with the team and if you have ever heard them on the radio, I think it is safe to say they enjoy watching the teams play.

Thanks to the boys and girls who worked hard on the court. A special thanks to all the people who offered support in one way or another by keeping stats, working concessions, and so on. They are too numerous to mention here.


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