Rushville Republican


May 13, 2014

Letter to the Editor

Urban livestock farming

Dear Editor,

I’ve followed with keen interest the efforts of some Rushville citizens to make keeping chickens in town a legal activity. This chicken idea seems to be an ideal step backward in time and is something to heartily crow about.

Along that line, I have what I believe to be a brilliant idea which would bring much needed additional revenue to Rushville city coffers.

What with all the open space being gained as downtown buildings either collapse or are taken down, I believe that newly opened space should be utilized for raising hogs. The many empty downtown buildings would provide ample indoor shelter for the Rushville hogs during inclement weather. As it is, they are just sitting there idle and serving no purpose.

The downtown raising of hogs would certainly fall right in line with one of Rush County’s major sources of revenue and expertise, and would allow city residents to experience all the joys relating to hog raising.

The raising of chickens would just be icing on the cake, so to speak.

I believe the mayor and the city council should give my brilliant idea immediate attention, as it would bring desired revenue growth to our somewhat stagnant downtown area and, I believe, would bring Rushville a lot of publicity, both state- and nation-wide.

I can’t think of a single negative aspect to my brilliant idea, so obviously it should be implemented at once.

I’m just surprised our city leaders didn’t think of it sooner.

Best regards,

Norm Voiles

Rural Rushville

P.S. The above letter is, of course, written tongue-in-cheek and should be recognized by all readers as being a small piece of humor and not any sort of attack on either hog farmers or downtown Rushville. It’s just for laughs--hopefully. ndv.

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