Rushville Republican

August 13, 2013

Privacy is a thing of the past

By Bill Ward Rushville Republican
Rushville Republican

---- — I feel that one of the biggest problems we have today is a lack of privacy. And the funny thing about it is we are doing it to ourselves. People today can post things which are silly, stupid or down right nasty for all to see on the so called social media of today. Frankly, I have no desire to see the corpse of a woman whose husband killed her then put her picture on Facebook. I could really care less what you did on your long weekend or vacation or what you may want to do prior to your death. I have no desire to know what you wear today or what you eat.

I wish people would get real and figure out several things. One, the Internet is not always correct. Two, people lie, especially when they can do so namelessly. They also need to realize that hundreds of thousands if not millions the world over can and do see what is posted. So why post stupid things? And boy, are there a lot of stupid things put out there for all to see!

If I cannot put my name, my real name, on something I have no intention of making it available for others to see, and tear apart.

I love a civil and realistic debate on things and look forward to them. I have no desire to allow complete strangers to know that I go to bed at midnight and like banana cream pie; it is none of their business.

Because it is so easy to post things, and do so anonymously, many individuals do so. At times that is fine, but as usual with humans, some tend to go way overboard with what and where they post things. I have no desire to see someone’s bare butt on my computer, but there are those who do this and others who like it.

The amount of pure lies and fabrications people put on postings and those who read and actually believe it is what bothers me (and bothers me a lot). I was brought up to tell the truth and to have things that I want to remain private and not to advertise some stupid thing I may have done. I like to tell silly stories on myself just to show some that I am just as stupid as you and just as silly too. I know everyone out there has done things they wish they had not. Some were really bad, others not too bad except in the minds of those who were involved.

We would no way allow others to know some of those things where today our younger generations tend to put everything out for everyone to see and pass on. Going electronic may not be the best thing for society and the way it is being used today only reinforces that feeling.

I have no faith in our Federal government no matter what party is in power. I do not care to have my emails, phone calls, what I watch on TV or what I buy or look at on the Internet known to the government. As it is, we are on camera a lot and do not even realize it. I was at Walmart in Greensburg the other day and counted 21 cameras just looking in on the parking lot. If they have that many on the parking lot just how many do they have in the store, and where? When you go to the bank you are on camera; the court house, on camera; any government building or agency, yep, on camera. I think many of us are on camera more than many actors.

We are losing our ability to neighbor, to understand the meaning of reality. We want to be the main attraction and to do so do a lot of really stupid things. We like “reality” shows on TV. I see nothing about reality in any I have ever looked at, which I admit is few. If I disagree or dislike something I don’t yell to all who want to listen about it, I just don’t watch it or buy it. I don’t try to make others adhere to my feelings, I allow them to make up their own minds. I don’t believe politicians anymore, none of them. I have no faith on what we are told by our government; they seem to tell us only what they want us to hear. I feel that the government also tends to cook the books on numbers that they release to the public. They allow things they want leaked to be leaked then show indignation about it.

One of the many things I truly miss from my youth is privacy, reality, truthfulness by those around me, my ability to be private when I desire to. All of these are close to nonexistent today and for that we all are the lesser for it. Many new things like the Internet are good for the majority, but that majority must be able and have the desire to police what is on it and what is believed from it.

People today seem to be completely unaware of anything that does not please them. People yell, scream, sue and generally make an ass out of themselves - frequently and for no good reason.

I agree I am getting older and I am getting much more cynical and tend to live in the past, but I will do so with my name on what I may write or say or send. And I will continue to watch what I like and not watch what I do not on TV. I will not go to anything on the Internet that I do not like or have faith in. And I will be the final arbitrator of just what I want to watch, see, do and live. And so may you.