Rushville Republican

April 8, 2014

It is time we take back our country

By Bill Ward
Rushville Republican

---- — What ever happened to the America of my youth? That great country that was indeed the jewel of the common person of the world. The country where one could actually, through hard work and industry, make a good living and actually have the OPPORTUNITY of doing better. One could even dream that their hard work would in time allow them the opportunity of making a lot of money. Not all were able to make it big, but everyone had the opportunity to try. Government was much less active in the basic life of its people. It did not regulate things that in reality it had no business regulating. States were much less bound to the Federal Government than today and things tended to run much more smoothly.

People were interested in their life and how government regulation state and federal affected that life. It was understood that there were things that the federal government was responsible for, some the state was, and some you yourself were. We fought in two world wars and was instrumental in winning big both of those huge conflicts. In WWII, we were the arsenal of the free world and were, I feel, very benevolent toward others in our coalition. And after winning that war we learned from our mistakes in WWI and now what were our enemies are now allies and economic competitors. We lived life as we saw fit, not how others felt, we should we had minds of our own and listened, but also were independent and liked it that way.

People voted and were informed by unbiased media that was not in the pocket of any one political party. To vote, we had to show we were actually the right person, the person whose name was on that voting list. Many individuals actually ran for office and most had to figure out how to raise the money to do so without the help of big business or big labor or anyone else, they were their own person. Elected officials seemed to be much more attuned to the needs and requirements of their constituents not those who gave the politician the biggest check.

We did not have companies, banks or organizations that were too big to fail companies that grew but within limits that were sustainable and realistic. The opportunity of those big business or labor organizations to affect the outcome of elections by writing huge checks was extremely limited. Oh, for sure, it was done, but not at all in the degree it is today. A lot of millionaires were elected and with a lot of their own money too not labors or management theirs. They were responsible for their own acts and if needed took responsibility for those acts. Not like today where many of our elected officials are found wanting and also have no intention of taking responsibility for their actions unless it will get them votes.

We had elected officials who broke the law and got caught with their hands in the cookie jar. But I don’t remember many of them making themselves millionaires while in office. That means to me there is something way out of whack when a person can get elected on someone else’s money, go in poor come out decades later with money to burn. Congress had the power, not the Executive Branch as it seems to be today. Those who were truly closer way closer to the people who elected them did and should have the power to govern as those who elected them wishes. Government today is way too intrusive and interested more in being re-elected rather than actually doing the job they were elected to do.

There were generally many running for any office, I don’t remember any office in the county, state or federal government that did not have numerous candidates both in the primary and general election. Today, I noticed there are numerous open spaces for elected officials on the local level and not many at all for the minority party of the county. The idea of being a politician seems to have become almost equal to being a criminal only with authority. Politics seems to be a true four letter word one not well received by many.

The court system seems to have usurped much of the power the elected officials should have. I feel at times the judicial aspect of our Federal Government is running the country, not those elected officials. And those politicians are certain to be sure judges are of the same opinion as they are so things will go the way they want it to. Our judicial system, I feel, is worse than the congress in this aspect, they seem to feel that they know so much more than we do and have the power to implement it. The Constitution of the United States has even by our President been called something that today is outmoded and not all that binding. This is not the way I feel or it should be it is OUR Constitution and as such should be implemented to all on a fair and unbiased basis.

I feel it is time that we take back our country take it back from the professional politicians, big business, and big labor. It is time for term limits and much more accountability on the part of all elected officials. It is time outside money is banned from a race and it is way past time billion dollar campaigns are norm we need to get back to the good old days.