Rushville Republican

November 5, 2013

Socialism simply does not work

By Paul W. Barada
Rushville Republican

---- — Sometimes I wonder just how much longer we’re going to remain asleep to what’s really going on in Washington. In my humble opinion, President Obama has a very subtle agenda to try to turn this country into a European-style Socialist nation.

I just finished reading a very good book entitled “In The Ruins of The Reich” by Douglas Botting, originally published in 1985. The edition I read was re-released in 2005. In a nutshell, the book describes what went on in Germany at the end of World War II.

Toward the end of the book there’s a quote from a speech given in 1946 by a newly elected deputy of the Hesse parliament in the American zone of occupation that’s worth reading today. “Today’s misery comes from shutting out democracy. The spirit of militarism and of National Socialism must die if Germany is to live. The Germans must feed themselves and pay for their own goods or every word about democracy is meaningless and a nation goes under.”

Shutting out democracy and stifling capitalism were also major contributing factors to the fall of the Soviet Union in 1989. For those who remember, the hallmark of Soviet-style Communism was control of all the factors of production from the top down. They ignored the essential economic engines of supply and demand. The failure of a totally socialized form of government, most economists predicted, was bound to happen because it took away from people the incentive to be productive – it eliminated the ability to turn a profit based on peoples’ own willingness to work hard to get ahead. The reason for that failure was state controlled redistribution of wealth. The net effect? The Soviet Union lasted less than 75 years before collapsing under the weight of state regulation of the economy.

For those who remember the days of a divided Germany, stop to think about why the ubiquitous Berlin Wall was built in the first place. Was it to keep people out of East Germany or to keep them in? The failure of Soviet Communism to put food on the tables of the people ultimately caused the system to fail. As was said by the late Ben Rogge, distinguished professor of Economics at Wabash College, “When people have the chance to vote with their feet, they’ll walk toward capitalism every time.”

All the foregoing is intended as a prologue to what most of us seem to either be ignoring or haven’t noticed about the present administration’s true goals. On numerous occasions the President has said he is for wealth redistribution. For instance, Obamacare – or the Affordable Care Act – is a first step in wealth redistribution. It will raise taxes by $52,000 on average for families among the top 1% of earners in order to finance $250 to $2,000 worth of health benefits for the poorest half of Americans by 2016, according to a recent report by the Tax Foundation. As far back as 1998, in a speech at Loyola University, yet-to-be president Obama said he believed in wealth redistribution.

Businessweek recently pointed out that to reach past levels of income equality $146,000 would need to be taken from the nation’s richest 6 million households and redistributed to the remaining 95% of households in payments of $7,700 each!

Nothing could be farther from the fundamental free enterprise principles that made this the world’s most successful nation in the history of the world. Free enterprise is the opportunity to succeed, but it is also the opportunity to fail. Over and over again, the President has talked about raising taxes on those who earn more and, in effect, giving it to those who earn less. He’s even gone so far as to suggest that working hard to get ahead and earn more isn’t fair to those who can’t or won’t do the same thing and that, somehow, those who have worked hard owe part of what they’ve earned to those who haven’t been as successful. That’s the essence of Socialism – take from those who earn it and give it to those who don’t.

One of the great things about this country is that all of us are supposed to be free to achieve as much as our ability, ambition, talent, training, and skill allow us. There are just too many success stories about people rising from poverty to great wealth on their own. The woods, however, are full of those with all sorts of excuses for not preparing to be successful, but the truth of the matter is anyone can be successful if they’re willing to try and work hard. More importantly, there are all sorts of agencies in existence that are designed to help those less fortunate. The difference between what President Obama wants to do and what most Americans choose to do is share the wealth on a voluntary basis, not through government taxation and forced wealth redistribution!

It’s time for the American people to wake up and see exactly what President Obama really wants to do. The Affordable Care Act is the first step down the road to Socialism, which is exactly where he wants to take this country, despite the fact that history has shown over and over again that Socialism simply does not work!

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