Rushville Republican

October 15, 2013

The statistics are right in front of us

By Paul W. Barada
Rushville Republican

---- — If you enjoy statistics, then you’re bound to like the following information from “Investor’s Business Daily.” The statistics came from a survey conducted by the United Nations International Health Organization. The first is the percentage of men and women who survived cancer five years after diagnosis: US = 65%, England = 46%, Canada = 42%. The percentage of patients diagnosed with diabetes who received treatment within six months: US = 93%, England = 15%, Canada = 43%. The percentage of seniors needing hip replacement who received it within six months: US = 90%, England = 15%, Canada = 43%. The percentage of people referred to a medical specialist who sees a referral within one month: US = 77%, England = 40%, Canada = 43%. The number of MRI scanners per million people: US = 71, England = 14, Canada = 18. The percentage of low income people 65 or older who say they’re in good health: US = 12%, England = 2%, Canada = 6%. Countries that have national health insurance: US = no, England = yes, Canada = yes.

Of course, some of us are about to get national health insurance, except for those groups and organizations that have been given a waiver from the requirement that everyone has to participate in Obamacare, which is officially known as The Affordable Care Act. The foregoing statistics, however, suggest that nationalized health care really doesn’t improve the delivery of healthcare services – it makes it worse!

Here’s another set of statistics that you might find interesting. It’s the percentage of each past president’s cabinet, going back to Teddy Roosevelt’s administration, who worked in the private sector before being appointed to the cabinet. The “private sector,” by the way, means a real-life job, not a government job.

Here are the percentages: T. Roosevelt = 38%, Taft = 40%, Wilson = 52%, Harding = 49%, Coolidge = 48%, Hoover = 42%, F. Roosevelt – 50%, Truman = 50%, Eisenhower = 57%, Kennedy = 30%, Johnson = 47%, Nixon = 53%, Ford = 42%, Carter = 32%, Reagan = 56%, GHW Bush = 51%, Clinton = 39%, GW Bush = 55%, Obama = 8%.

Of the last nineteen Presidents of the United States, the Obama cabinet has, by far, the fewest members in it who have ever worked in private business. That means 92% of his senior advisors have spent most of their adult lives working in academia, government, or not-for-profit organizations. One is compelled to ask how the president of one of the most successful nations in the history of the world can speak with any authority about businesses or jobs when he has never held a real job, except as a “community organizer” or as a Constitutional Law professor? What makes it worse is, unlike his predecessors, some of whom came from great wealth and didn’t need to work, he has surrounded himself with people with the same types of backgrounds.

Except for the Kennedy cabinet, the next lowest in terms of private sector experience was the Carter cabinet with only 32%. Many of us remember what an outstanding job the Carter administration did. Those were the days when we were told that the United States could never be a world power again and that to help save the environment, all illuminated Christmas decorations had to be turned off to save energy!

Then, think back, if you will, to the Reagan administration, 56% of his cabinet had private sector experience, which turned around the country from the Carter days of doom and gloom and made Americans proud of their country again. He also unleashed the private sector, which returned us to a period of prosperity and the strongest military on the face of the earth.

The differences between the Reagan years and the current administration are glaring. We’ve gone from a society which gave people a hand up to self-sufficiency to one that gives such generous government handouts that it has done nothing but make millions dependent on government – not independent from government. There are now eleven states with more people on welfare than there are people employed! Interestingly enough, we’re surrounded by three states who have more people on welfare than working; Illinois, Kentucky, and Ohio. Is it any wonder that state and local taxes in all three of those states are higher than in Indiana? They all need somebody else’s money to fund their particular state giveaway programs, pork barrel projects, and bloated state government agencies who redistribute the tax revenues of the people who work for a living.

All one has to do is look at things like the percentage of people with private sector experience who serve in President Obama’s cabinet, the percentages of diagnosis and treatment we have compared to nations with national health insurance, the skyrocketing national debt, and this administration’s guileless handling of foreign affairs – when the Russians can make us look foolish – to get a pretty good idea of how well President Obama’s efforts to turn this nation into a Socialist state, based on the European model, is working.

What’s worse, we have another liberal just waiting in the wings to move back into the White House in 2016 – Hillary Clinton.

That’s –30—for this week.