Rushville Republican

December 31, 2013

Crystal ball predictions for the new year

By Jean Mauzy
Rushville Republican

---- — Unveiling a fresh supply of calendar days at midnight is what prompts a generous amount of celebrating on New Year’s Eve. Many people look forward to the month of January almost as though she has never arrived before. Previous encounters escape us as each year she appears fresh, new, and inviting. We recognize her span of days as the means to leave behind whatever drudgery lingers from the past 365+ days of the ending year.

Methods of ending a year and then beginning another may vary from person to person and from culture to culture but a common thread exists. Perspectives on what has already occurred and on what may be forthcoming run high throughout the population. Do we believe that fate or that personal intervention create the days of our lives? More importantly, can those forces combine to make possible both the large and small successes or failures that we all inevitably encounter at some point in a year’s time.

Logical conclusions are that our attitudes and our life practices strongly aid our ability to reach full potential. Optimistic ideas and motivation lead to better places than does associating ourselves with all that is downbeat. Negativity breeds more negativity as has been said before. Hang with pessimistic people and soon you may take on those same characteristics. Likewise, believing that fate already has a negative hold on your life may easily evolve into a self-made prophecy.

Things often happen for a reason even though we don’t always initially grasp what that reason is. Understanding ‘these happenings’ correlates to how life is viewed and/or lived. If we continually run into the same problems and hassles, it may be likely that we are making the same mistakes repeatedly and not merely because we are destined to be jinxed. When things seem to fall into to place for us, it’s likely because we make good choices and not solely because destiny is our best friend. Personality or personal intervention surely aids much of the fortune or misfortune coming to us.

Looking to January as a fresh start of calendar days, one would do well to take stock of those items that drag the soul down. Removal of the stressors that linger on our shoulders or in our mind is the best way to start a new journey. Address issues by year’s end to free up energy for better days ahead. Apologize to a person you may have hurt or clear the air with a person who may have hurt you. Thank a person who has been generous or express regret for being neglectful. Replace those things you used to enjoy but are now cumbersome with new activities that suit your current interests. Take stock of personal associations. Create the network of positive influences to replace the pessimistic outlooks that drain you. Do these things because, both figuratively and literally, it’s rare for anything great to come from dwelling in dark and gloomy spaces and places.

Uplifting thoughts and upbeat influences are more conducive when trying to make grand predictions for a new calendar year. Don’t count on someone else or on fate alone to determine what comes in the year ahead. Make a plan and watch your self-fulfilling prophecy unfold. The days ahead are the crystal ball and you are the only wizard able to make things a happen.

Out with the old and in with the new. Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2014.